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Let’s all do the monster mash


Back by popular demand — a round-the-clock Halloween-themed grown-up game of tag!

Seriously, we’ve had people asking about the return of Humans vs. Vampires for months. It’s quite gratifying to see such anticipation, but we did feel that some things need to be revamped to make participation easier and more satisfying. So, if you played last year, throw out most of what you remember. If you’re starting fresh, here’s the overview:

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Now through Oct. 30, choose one of three teams, cut out a wristband from the newspaper or print one at home (they’ll be on our website and in the special Facebook group), write your name on the back and tape, staple or pin it around your wrist.

You’re now both predator and prey. Zombies hunt vampires, vampires hunt werewolves and werewolves hunt zombies all by tagging them. The loser dons a new bracelet to match the victor’s team and surrenders their old one (with their name on it) as a trophy. The person who collects the most bracelets by the time Halloween rolls around will be announced in the paper, crowned at the KDNK dance on Halloween and receive a token of our esteem.

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Play in the office, on the street or out at another public event. You can suppress your monstrous qualities — rendering yourself invulnerable to attack but unable to hunt yourself — by actively holding a copy of The Sopris Sun. Join our Facebook group, pick up the paper and stay tuned to KDNK for special opportunities to get a leg up or turn the tables.

It should go without saying, but we’re expecting folks to be respectful and safe. Tag folks in an appropriate spot like the shoulder and don’t go running into traffic trying to escape someone. The game is intended for ages 13 and up, so while youngsters are welcome to play at home, they won’t be eligible to win.

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Beyond that, we hope folks get into it, have fun with their friends and coworkers, meet (and eat) new people and generally feel the spooky spirit.

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