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C’dale featuring “dueling codes” for a while

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By John Colson

Sopris Sun Staff Writer

Developers, property owners and others who hope to win approval for building projects in Carbondale are cautioned that for the next month or so the town’s Web site ( will feature what the town’s head planner termed “dueling codes” that, among other provisions, lay out the town’s rules for reviewing development proposals.

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The final version of the town’s rewritten code, known as the Unified Development Code, has been formally approved by the Board of Trustees and, following some last-minute adjustments by the town’s planners, is to be posted on the website this week or early next week.

But because the UDC is not due to go into formal and final effect until May 9, said planning director Janet Buck, the town’s old code remains in effect until that date and also will remain on the town’s website.

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To clarify, Buck noted that anyone with a development proposal can request in writing to have their project reviewed under the UDC prior to its effective date.

One project, involving a small, multi-family group of residences, already has made that request, Buck said. She added that those with building projects in mind might prefer review under the UDC due to its greater clarity and guidance concerning town development standards and policies.

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Although she had not determined exactly how she would display the two code documents on the town’s website, Buck said she would make it clear that the old one is slated for removal from the site once the UDC becomes effective.

Also underway, Buck said, is creation of a new Carbondale zoning map, updating the map that has been in use since 1993 and that does not show a number of developments built since that time. Some that are not on the map include River Valley Ranch, Hendrick Ranch, Thompson Park and Keator Grove, she said.

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Buck stressed that the new map does not represent changes in zoning to existing neighborhoods or recent project, adding that a new map is needed “so people will be able to look at the map and know how they’re zoned” rather than asking town staff to sort it out for them.

She said the new zoning map should be finished and posted to the town’s Web site some time in May.

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Published in The Sopris Sun on April 7, 2016.

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