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    Locals march in Carbondale, Junction, Denver and D.C.

    At roughly the same time as huge Saturday demonstrations take place in Washington, D.C., Denver, and other national and international venues too numerous to count, activists in the Roaring Fork Valley will be engaged in exactly the same kind of activity. The rallies, aimed primarily at mobilizing women but also open to men, are being held in opposition to the pronouncements, policy proposals and behavior of President-elect Donald J. Trump, on Jan. 21, the day after Trump’s inauguration. read more →
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    Pages of the Past: New infrastructure, from highways to radio towers

    The Colorado Highway Department held one of an ongoing series of meetings on potential improvements to State Highway 82. In addition to the potential to expand from two lanes to four between Carbondale and Aspen – a possibility that had generated considerable debate at a meeting the previous November – several potential changes to the route were discussed… read more →
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    Trustees discuss fate of aging shopping center

    Local government agencies may soon move to acquire and redevelop a small, 50-year-old shopping plaza that sits at the northern edge of Carbondale, and that long has been viewed as an eyesore by some or a historical bit of “messy vitality” by others. Carbondale’s Board of Trustees talked over a broad array of topics Tuesday night at a work session, ranging from ideas about what to do concerning the dilapidated wood-shell shopping center on Highway 133… read more →
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    Pages of the Past: Steel strikes, gun play

    Jan. 15, 1987 The Valley Journal reported a 24-week strike by United Steel Workers of America in eight states appeared to be nearing resolution, which would send Mid-Continent coal miners in the Number 1 mine back to work. Mid-Continent’s Number 1 mine had been idled because coal from that operation was shipped to the Geneva Works steel mill in Utah, whose workers were union members. The article also pointed out shipments to South Korean customers had jumped by 90,000 tons in January, causing the recall of 50 miners. read more →
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    Plenty of applicants for KDNK manager position

    Two dozen people have applied to become the next station manager at KDNK, Carbondale's community access radio station, and there is some hope that a new manager will be on the job within a matter of weeks, according to one station official. The board has embarked on a national search to replace Steve Skinner, the long-time station manager who was dismissed late last year. read more →
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    Roaring Women present ‘Half the Sky’

    A Glenwood Springs nonprofit that helps school girls in Kenya, and an acclaimed documentary covering many of the same issues, meet in Carbondale with a screening of “Half the Sky” at the Crystal Theatre at 7:15 p.m. on Jan. 19. read more →
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    New energy at the Near New secondhand store

    A new generation is pitching in with Carbondale Daughters of Rebekah, and it’s none too soon. Although the group has a steady volunteer base to help with the Near New secondhand store, active membership has declined over the years. Now, Rochelle Norwood has joined the fold as one of the youngest members in years, and with a couple other 30-somethings slated for induction early next month. read more →
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    Valley Visual Art Show delivers

    Even with only one piece per artist, the Valley Visual Art Show has grown so popular that participants are capped at 50. Now in its 37th year, the show features two and three-dimensional work created in the last year by local artists, from dabblers to professionals, and opens Friday, Jan. 13 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Launchpad. read more →
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    What it’s like to be a feminist in the Year of the Cock

    It’s 2017, the Chinese Year of the Cock, and the ERA still has not been ratified (written by Alice Paul in 1923, passed by Congress in 1972, still not ratified by the required minimum of 38 states to become part of our constitution). Some say it’s not necessary because women already have the right to vote, but this is about more than voting. read more →
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    Town adds to cemetery capacity with land swap

    Not everyone is as cavalier with their bodies after they wear out as iconic folk singer John Prine. Some prefer to be planted in a cemetery and let it go at that. In any case, the Carbondale Board of Trustees and town staffers determined more than a year ago they’d better start scouting around for more ground to handle more graves because Hillcrest Cemetery (White Hill) plots are sold out, and Evergreen Cemetery on 8th Street sees more and more grave markers every year. read more →