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    Letters, January 14, 2021

    A humanitarian solution
    As a pediatrician who has been taking care of children and families for 40 years, I have been able to witness advances in medicine that improve the lives of individuals and strengthen our communities. Of all the ways I have helped my patients, I… read more →

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    Letters - January 7, 2021

    Thanks Sopris Sun

    Thanks to all the writers and staff and, of course, the editor. 2020 saw more small-town papers stop publication than any other year in American history. Your supporters are the best in the world to keep your press running and thriving on ideas of how to stay… read more →

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    Scuttlebutt - January 7, 2021

    GarCo vaccinations

    People 70 and older, plus high-risk health care workers and persons that have direct contact with COVID patients, are eligible to be vaccinated through Valley View and Grand River Health hospitals. Appointments will be made as vaccine supplies become available. For Valley View Hospital, call 970-384-7632. For Grand… read more →

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    Richard Carlton Compton - Obituary

    Richard Carlton Compton of South Hadley, MA died peacefully at home on Dec. 20, 2020. He was born in 1950 in Stamford, Connecticut and as a child lived in Salisbury and then Thessaloniki, Greece before he and his family settled on the Gill, Massachusetts campus of Northfield Mt. Hermon School.… read more →

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    John Robin Sutherland - Obituary

    5 March 1951 – 18 December 2020

    John Robin Sutherland, the pony-tailed, cultured and celebrated principal pianist for the San Francisco Symphony for more than four decades, died at his home in San Francisco, California on Dec. 18, 2020, following a brief illness. He was 69.

    Known for many years… read more →

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    Army Corps hearing refusal

    CVEPA Views
    by John Armstrong

    After a brief review of numerous formal requests, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has denied a public hearing to review the Marble Quarry’s illegal and unpermitted burial of Yule Creek above the town of Marble. The Corps states, “We do not believe there… read more →

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    The Year 2020

    Chinese Year Rattus-Metallum
    A poem by the people of Carbondale

    We started the year
    In our own dear town
    Between rivers that flow
    Mountains all around
    Not expecting the tumult,
    Frustration and tension
    That would bruise… read more →

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    The Sun continues to shine because of you

    By Todd Chamberlin
    Executive Director

    To inform, inspire, and build community… that was a lofty mission in 2008 when a group of Carbondalians founded The Sopris Sun as a nonprofit community paper. 

    Over a decade later, The Sun continues to strive to fulfill this mission.The…

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    Colby letter reply


    In his letter last week, Ed Colby says he wants Garco commissioners to persuade all the businesses that aren’t mask compliant to mend their ways. You see, Ed says John, Tom and Mike already know who the mask scorers are:… read more →

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    Jack the Warrior Dog

    By Burk Golden 
    Special to The Sopris Sun

    If there is anything that unifies people more in this valley than their love of snow sports, wilderness, or natural beauty, it would have to be dogs. Dogs are an integral part of many family units in… read more →