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By the Garfield County Commissioners 

These are certainly trying times we live in. We are seeing increases in COVID-19 cases around  the nation and right here at home, but there is a bright spot. We have the power to help contain  this pandemic, and it is going to take a lot of cooperation and respect for one another. What it all  boils down to is personal responsibility.  

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We implore you to take the necessary steps to help keep our community safe. We understand  that people are upset, frightened and feeling the fatigue of this pandemic. Our email inboxes are  jam-packed with your messages each day, and we are listening.  

We all know the everyday steps we can take to slow the spread of this virus: wear a mask, wash  your hands often, social distance, limit your travel as much as possible, and above all, stay home if you are ill. These are simple actions that can help protect yourself and the ones you  love, as well as keep our community safe and economy open.  

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an economic analysis of U.S. data showed that if even 15 percent more people wore a mask, we could see a large  reduction in cases, ensuring that our businesses remain open and have the ability to thrive. 

We think every day about our dedicated medical professionals on the front lines, putting their  lives at risk to help others. They are heroes in the truest sense of the word. We must make sure  that our hospitals have the capacity to help those that are ill, not only with COVID, but everyday maladies as well. Please wear a mask for yourself, please do it for others. We are all in this  together and it will take a team effort to beat this virus.  

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As most of you know, the state has moved Garfield County into the orange, or “high-risk”  category on its COVID-19 dial. We feel that being in the yellow, or “concerned” level more  accurately matches the situation in our county, but this is the reality we live in. 

Garfield County is rich in many resources, our good people being the most prevalent. Together,  we must take responsibility to combat this virus for our family, friends and community. No  government agency is going to end this pandemic. What it all boils down to is personal  responsibility and we must do this together. 

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Be safe out there.

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