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Sopris Sun Editor — Position Overview
The full-time Sopris Sun editor is responsible for the timely production of Carbondale’s weekly newspaper, ready for print distribution throughout the Roaring Fork Valley on Thursday and available online at on Wednesday evening. The Sun’s primary editorial coverage area is the Towns of Carbondale, Basalt, Glenwood Springs and the surrounding areas up and down the Roaring Fork,  Crystal River, Frying Pan and Colorado River Valleys.
As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, The Sopris Sun operates as a charitable organization with the mission “to inform, inspire and build community.” The editor works under the direction of a volunteer Board of Directors, a structure required by the IRS. That said, the culture at The Sopris Sun is based on collaboration and mutual respect between paid staff and contractors, the board, and the community we all serve.
General Duties
The editor is responsible for overseeing all the editorial content of the paper each week, including features of all kinds, news reports, columns, photos, cutlines, headlines, etc. and for reviewing, selecting, editing or composing items for the calendar and “briefs” sections (Town Briefs, Scuttlebutt, etc.), letters-to-the-editor section and any other such sections as may be added in the future. Coverage of local interest including schools, local government and Town events. The editor is expected to contribute features or news reports on a regular, weekly basis. He or she may assign others to write, photograph and report for the paper but is responsible for checking for accuracy, fairness, AP style and quality in all materials submitted, editing them as needed.
The editor works hand-in-hand with The Sopris Sun’s graphic designer to: finalize the placement of all editorial content, including photos; edit or compose stories to appropriate word count and have flexibility to make on-the-spot revisions; decide the appropriate size for each issue of the paper (currently ranging from 16-24 pages); maintain a consistent and appealing look and feel; meet deadlines.
The editor is responsible for identifying potential freelancers (writers and photographers), assigning them stories, managing the paper’s relationship with these individuals, and editing their work.
Community Relations
The editor is, in many ways, the public face of The Sopris Sun. The paper does not take positions on political issues or candidates and by law cannot do so as a nonprofit charity. Therefore, the editor must maintain a position of neutrality with regards to these matters whenever representing the paper publicly, including at public meetings, in work-related conversations, or via email. In addition, since The Sun is a community-supported newspaper, it is vital that the editor cultivate positive relationships with the full range of community members, welcoming their input, and inviting their participation as contributors whenever appropriate.
Working with the Board
As stated earlier, we work as a team at The Sopris Sun and believe that we produce the best paper for the community by working together in a collegial way. That said, the editor is granted a great deal of editorial freedom by the board as long as policies and guidelines established by the board or determined by law are heeded.
The editor is required to report regularly to the full board by attending monthly board meetings and editorial committee meetings whenever necessary. More frequent updates and interactions generally occur with members of the board’s executive committee (comprised of current officers) between the monthly board meetings.
The editor assists the board in managing weekly delivery services for the paper.
• High school diploma and some college experience. B.A. degree or higher preferred.
• Residence in the Roaring Fork Valley, or the willingness to relocate for the position. Residence in the greater Carbondale community (e.g. within town limits or in the surrounding unincorporated areas) preferred.
• Strong computer skills, including Word, Excel, Adobe Reader, Photoshop, and Gmail or equivalent email system. Familiarity with Dropbox preferred.
• Basic digital photography skills. More advanced skills and experience preferred.
• Proven ability to juggle and track multiple tasks efficiently.
• Proven ability to meet frequent deadlines.
• Proven ability to be a team player.
• Prior experience working at a newspaper in a similar or related capacity will be given strong preference.
• Experience with website development or design and/or an interest in helping to develop The Sun’s presence as a source of information on the Web preferred.
A somewhat more detailed job description will be provided to the finalist candidate(s).
Compensation: Starting salary depending on experience (range: $36,000 – $42,000/year). Paid vacation. The Sopris Sun is not able to offer health insurance at this time, but it is on our wish list to do so in the future.
To Apply:
Please provide a copy of your résumé, several samples of your writing, and a cover letter that includes, in any order:
• A statement describing your interest in the position.
• A few things you appreciate most about The Sopris Sun.
• Share your vision of where you would love to see the paper be in a few short years.
• Why you feel you are a great candidate.
Send your application materials via email (in Word or PDF format)to: by December 4, 2020.
Interviews of qualified candidates will start immediately. The position will remain open until filled.
Preferred start date: December 14, 2020.
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