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A Dumpster fire, floating car and lost hikers

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While Dead Dog and Hunter fires are contained and unlikely to spread, high water and little rain have local first responders nervous — and they’ve been busy this week.

On June 20, a Dumpster fire inside a Willits town center building brought out 17 Basalt firefighters responding and plenty of gawkers inside and out. According to Deputy Fire Chief Pete Bradshaw, the sprinkler went off in the room and in the end the only damage was some damp drywall — even the Dumpster is intact.

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The same night, a pair of hikers called 911 after they became lost near Thomas Lakes. Dispatch gave them directions by text message, and when Mountain Rescue Aspen arrived around midnight, they found the hikers in their tent and escorted them back to the trailhead.

On June 21, Carbondale Fire responded to a report of a vehicle in the Crystal River, only to find the white Ford Fiesta a mile downstream from the three occupants who had already made it to shore. The car has since been anchored to a tree and marked with yellow tape until it can be safely towed.

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