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Works in Progress – June 8, 2023

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Wildcat Brian Colley
The Cowboy Corral sang this tune to Brian Colley during his “Colleywood” debut on May 12.  It goes to the tune of  “Ragtime Cowboy Joe.”

Here in Carbonda-le where the artists are,
There’s a man whose flamin’ talent makes him such a star,
He’s the nicest, funnest one by far,
He’s Wildcat Brian Colley!

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Got his name from singin’ in  The Cowboy Corral,
He can play the ukulele really swell.
He paints dinosaurs and spaceships too, smilin’ all the time.

He always paints,
Purty pictures that we love,
And as he paints,
He smiles and jokes and shares his love
And sings a song
While he strums the ukulele
There is such a crazy feelin’
When you know that he is bein’
Such a friend,
Such a givin’ sort of fella
And all of us sure know,
He’s an oh-by-golly, very jolly,
Brian Colley from Carbondal-le,
Our Wildcat Colley,
Brian Colley,
Come to Brian’s Colleywood Show!

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Art by Sofie Koski, Brian Colley’s mentee 

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