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Work in Progress – Oct. 20, 2022

Locations: Fiction, Opinion Published

A letter to our editor
By James Steindler

When you’re away, 
We stay afloat, it’s true
But, there’s something missing…
Well, it’s just not the same without you

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The journey takes you far
Curiosity in tow
Colorfully documenting
Wherever you go

In a hostel in Éire
Gazing over chimneys 
In a meadow
Walled by rock for centuries 

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In Carbondale,

The cows come home
The show goes on
Queer VOICES take the stage
In this town, across the pond

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So, have a round of Guinness
A toast to your quest
Leave a euro at the bottom of the glass
And enjoy the journey West

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Irish rooftops. By Raleigh Burleigh


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