Editor Raleigh Burleigh sent the fruits of his musings while traveling in Ireland.

A letter to our editor
By James Steindler

When you’re away, 
We stay afloat, it’s true
But, there’s something missing…
Well, it’s just not the same without you

The journey takes you far
Curiosity in tow
Colorfully documenting
Wherever you go

In a hostel in Éire
Gazing over chimneys 
In a meadow
Walled by rock for centuries 

In Carbondale,

The cows come home
The show goes on
Queer VOICES take the stage
In this town, across the pond

So, have a round of Guinness
A toast to your quest
Leave a euro at the bottom of the glass
And enjoy the journey West

Irish rooftops. By Raleigh Burleigh