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By Diana Alcantara
Sopris Sun board member

How amazing are the people of the Roaring Fork Valley! I write these words after a wonderful series of events in the past few weeks of live music, theater, and even a community dinner in the street. The creative process flows strong through our Valley. There was also a delightful offering of celestial origin, a rare alignment between sun, moon and earth. Many Carbondale folks gathered at the place we call Third Street, a thriving center for human wellness for young thespians to explore, solar cars to race, zumba dance to jive, meditation to flow, artistic expression to awaken, wilderness to work, immigrant families to flourish, all under the compassionate eyes of Demeter, whose name graces the community garden.  

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The Third Street Center is also the place from where this very newspaper beams brightly. Many people thanked me, and The Sopris Sun, for organizing the eclipse viewing event and praised the turn out. Really all we did was put out a call for anyone who wanted to put on silly glasses to gather to gaze at the sky — a big thanks to those who showed up. Participation is what makes our community vibrant! Although I personally feel this paper’s “cosmic” value, am on the Board of Directors, and am a SunScriber, the bright beams of this nonprofit community paper cannot glow without community support. The Sopris Sun needs your direct participation. Please SunScriber, today — like right now after you put down the paper. It’s easy. Just go to and click on the yellow donate button. Or send us a check. We want to expand what The Sun does for our community, so think cosmically and act locally. We need your bright dollars to make it happen! (

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