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The year in review: What a town for a newspaper

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Sopris Sun reporters sometimes point out that Carbondale is a great town for a newspaper, because each week there is always something interesting, fun or important to write about and to photograph. For example, in just the first half of 2016 alone:
• Sopris Sun readers got first-hand news about a massive April 25 earthquake and subsequent rebuilding projects in Nepal, when former local resident Hamilton Pevec began sending in dispatches and photos from that country, where he had been living with his Nepali wife, Devika, and working on a filmmaking project when the disaster occurred.
• A $10,000 grant from the Kay Brunnier Tree Fund helped several organizations survey “heritage” fruit trees, some of which were planted more than 100 years ago. The overall goal for the heritage fruit tree project is to care for the trees and to harvest the fruit for local food pantries such as LIFT-UP.

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