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    Getting into good trouble

    While most schools in the Roaring Fork Valley, and the country, had Monday off for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the Waldorf School on the Roaring Fork was in session.

    “Today we are choosing to intentionally hold school, because we wanted to bring all of our students, community and teachers… read more →

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    Aspiradoras de la tierra

    Es posible que la Country Road 112 ha sido la más transitada hasta ahora. Sin embargo, el tráfico no fue de carros, sino de cabras. En una reciente mañana otoñal llena de rocío, Lani Malmberg y su hijo, Donny Benz, copropietarios de Goat Green LLC, llevaron 800 cabras por la… read more →

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    Vacuum cleaners for the land

    Country Road 112 may have seen its most heavily-trafficked day yet. However, the traffic did not come from cars, but from goats. On a recent dewey fall morning, Lani Malmberg and her son, Donny Benz, co-owners of Goat Green LLC, ran 800 goats down the road to load them… read more →

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    Cottonwood Pass’ limited potential

    With increased closures on I-70, folks traveling between Gypsum and Glenwood Springs wrestle with where to turn when they can’t take the main thoroughfare through the canyon. Locals on both sides resorted to traversing Cottonwood Pass but were accompanied by large semis and inexperienced drivers amid bumper-to-bumper traffic.read more →

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    Local farm aspires to global impact

    Glimpses of bright, reflective ribbon shine out from between dense masses of green at the Wild Mountain Seeds greenhouse. These silver and neon orange ribbons are strung around plants that look healthy, green and bear a robust fruit. Around the flagged plants, others wilt and brown, struggling to grow.… read more →

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    Decolonizing Ilex vomitoria

    From examining the names of streets and professional sports teams, to reconsidering what statues are displayed in public, the U.S. has arrived at a historical reckoning point. The colonial narratives of our past undoubtedly left their mark on the present and now the question is, what do weread more →

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    Commissioners visit site of proposed Ascendigo Ranch

    The Garfield County Commissioners’ visit to Ascendigo Autism Services’ site for a The Garfield County Commissioners’ visit to Ascendigo Autism Services’ site for a proposed summer camp saw over 50 people in attendance on Tuesday, May 18. The proposal includes some 42,000 square feet of constructions across 126.8 acres belonging… read more →

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    Glassblowing at CRMS refined by expertise

    José Chardiet glances through purple tinted glasses, checking on the molten-orange blob of viscous glass dangling off a metal rod. The blob twirls in sync as his lean arms push and pull. Studio assistant Martin Gerdin gathers more glass on another metal rod, moving skillfully around the smallread more →

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    Cuidando los gatos

    Traducción por Dolores Duarte

    Little One extendió su pata, con las garras saliendo por su pelaje marrón atigrado, hasta que se apoyó momentáneamente en la mano derecha extendida de Keira Clark. Keira apretó el dispositivo que descansaba en su mano izquierda y un agudo clic salióread more →