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    Carbondale Report: Refugee crisis briefing; Town Center, Aquatics Center projects at ‘critical juncture’

    An update on the emerging crisis involving a large group of Venezuelan refugees who’ve landed in Carbondale led off the regular Tuesday board of trustees meeting. Six of the seven board members were present, with Luis Yllanes absent. 

    Following approval of the consent agenda, includingread more →

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    Scuttlebutt & Calendar - Sept. 21, 2023

    Graffiti update
    On Sept. 1, Carbondale police officers found that graffiti in Glenwood Springs matched the graffiti that has proliferated around Carbondale in recent weeks. Glenwood Springs police identified a juvenile suspect who admitted to spray painting around Carbondale. During the investigation, a second juvenile suspect was identified. Both… read more →

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    Designing Carbondale’s dream development

    Carbondale’s Town Center project is something of a dream come true for a mountain town struggling to maintain the kind of affordability that allows for a wholesome community. Thanks to the anonymous donation of 14 neighboring parcels (1.4 acres) surrounding the Thunder River Theatre in December of 2021 (in addition… read more →

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    Donde una vez hubo un parque de casas remolque…

    Traduccion por Dolores Duarte

    El 28 de diciembre de 2021, la junta administrativa de Carbondale aceptó discretamente una generosa donación de terrenos de una entidad que solicitó permanecer anónima, aunque los informes de 2018 relacionaban las propiedades donadas y otras con la Fundación Melvin y Brenread more →

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    Focus narrows on Town Center properties

    Does Carbondale need a boutique hotel downtown? A parking garage? How about an enclosed space for a 3-4 season farmers market?

    While many details remain up in the air, Carbondale trustees are narrowing in on some of the fundamentals for how to proceed with the propertiesread more →

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    Maximum vibrancy for acceptable impact

    There was significant build-up to the trustees’ March 15 work session with a return to the contentious topic of Main Street closures. In 2020, responding to pandemic-induced capacity restrictions for restaurants, the town opted to limit traffic on the “300 Block,” between Third Street and Fourth Street, and completely close… read more →

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    Carbondale Report: Trustees split over yard waste collection

    Tuesday’s meeting saw all trustees in attendance besides Erica Sparhawk. The meeting began with student of the month awards, approval of the consent agenda and comments by trustees. 

    Next was a public hearing for an application for a new retail marijuana store called Goodflower, to be located at 1101… read more →