Sotantar Anderson

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    Letters - Sept. 15, 2022

    Re: Sustainable building
    “Sustainable buildings sprouting in Willits” is the title of a recent Sopris Sun article (July 6). The Aspen Ski Company built a highly efficient building to house their employees. Unfortunately, a single building, person, farm, business, or any other entity can not be considered “sustainable.” read more →

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    MANA Foods local market makes moves

    The Polynesian-word “mana” evokes “the powers of nature embodied.” In other words, “supernatural” — as proclaimed by the signage welcoming grocery shoppers to MANA Foods’ new location in Carbondale. Independently, the word also has biblical roots meaning “nourishment from God.”

    The goal of MANA Foods, as stated by store manager… read more →

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    Speaking open doorways

    Since 2008, Adi Shakti Ashram, the nonprofit umbrella under which Mana Foods operates, has organized a 72-hour Gurmuhk mantra chant in Carbondale. The Guru Granth Sahib, a book of prayers and hymns compiled in the 17th century, is recited as one complete “unbroken sound” with around 18 volunteers taking one… read more →