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Letters – Sept. 15, 2022

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Re: Sustainable building
“Sustainable buildings sprouting in Willits” is the title of a recent Sopris Sun article (July 6). The Aspen Ski Company built a highly efficient building to house their employees. Unfortunately, a single building, person, farm, business, or any other entity can not be considered “sustainable.”
As Bernie Sanders pointed out in a fiery speech in the Senate on Friday, the planet is experiencing unprecedented disasters that are killing thousands. The cause is climate change. Our complex societies only function when all the pieces are working with each other. I mean that a single building can not hum along happily if Willits is on fire, or if there is no food available to buy, or if there is no gasoline for transportation, or if the air is too polluted to breathe. This is no exaggeration. It’s happening all over.
The new Ski Co building, although “better,” has and will contribute greatly to the deadly problem of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). The construction of the building, including the materials and their transportation to the site, produce GHG. The operation of the building, the care and feeding of the employees, and their daily transportation to work and back, produces more GHG. Adding people to the Mid-Valley means growing all the services needed to sustain them.
A building for employees should, at the very least, have been built where the work is. Instead of more condos. Better yet, the Ski Co should reduce their operations so more employees were not needed. Remember, we cut GHG or we die.
Adding new buildings, no matter how “efficient,” is only increasing the problem of fighting climate change. Let’s put that word “sustainable” aside until we put a stop to global warming.
Patrick Hunter, Carbondale

Re: Green building
Maybe “Collaboration advances green building locally” (Sept. 7). But last month Crested Butte updated their building energy code to require heat pump heating and hot water with almost no exceptions. This limits greenhouse gas emissions sooner than the code mentioned for Basalt. Carbondale is updating their similar codes and could prohibit onsite greenhouse gas emissions from heating. Hopefully our town follows Crested Butte and doesn’t just let efficient electric heating become an item for added “green points.”
Recently, we pulled into a highway rest stop in remote eastern Wyoming. It featured an informative plaque about its ground loop heat pumps and passive solar design. It was designed 25 years ago and is going strong.
‘Nuff said,
Fred Porter, Carbondale

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Ascension meditation
Join us this week in the Earth Ascension Room at Mana Foods where we will complete our 13th 72-hour mantra reading. We have held this sound current as a community since 2016 and now have a new space in order to vibrate this powerful sound current of health and peace for our Mantra for Peace event.
The mantra we read is in Gurmukh and translated into English. The reading is a rush of energy and vibration! If you would like to “add your voice” to this unbroken chain of sound, please sign up in the Earth Ascension Room at Mana Foods between now and next week. The duration of reading is one hour or more and once you are finished another reader will replace you. The reading starts Sunday, Sept. 18 at noon and goes until Wednesday, Sept. 21 at noon. Please sign up early to get the space you desire, or contact Sotantar at Mana Foods.
All are welcome to read and harmonize your vision of peace into a global vision of peace and harmony. Since we opened we have already completed 335 hours of the mantra reading since March and now we are opening up for everyone to have a “seat” at the temple (so to speak!). Bring a hat and an offering, and no phone at the altar. Thanks for caring about your planet and adding your voice for peace.
Sotantar Anderson, Mana Foods

Church and state
As many Republicans lurch farther to the extreme right, it is worth knowing Tom Jankovsky’s views as he tries for his fourth term as Garfield County Commissioner.
This summer Jankovsky sent a blinking red signal to anyone paying attention. In June, he attended an event at Cornerstone Christian Center for David Barton, whom the Aspen Daily News called “a right-wing propagandist.” Barton founded WallBuilders which strives for “educating the nation concerning the Godly foundation of our country” and “providing information to federal, state and local officials as they develop public policies which reflect biblical values.” Barton has claimed our country’s founders never intended separation of church and state and sought instead to construct a Christian nation. Historical scholars and faith leaders alike have debunked Barton’s historical interpretation to support his views.
Jankovksy gave Barton a standing ovation at Cornerstone Christian. Can we judge Jankovsky merely by his associations and how he spends his free time? Fortunately, we don’t have to. When asked at the Sept. 6 BOCC meeting whether he supports Barton’s beliefs on the separation of church and state, Jankovsky repeatedly refused to answer the question.
Christian nationalists like Barton want their Christian religion to control our country’s policy. If you value our nation’s historic separation of church and state, keeping one religion from controlling government, and your right to practice your religion, or no religion at all, you should demand Jankovsky tell us where he stands. Does he stand with extremists or does he stand with you?
Eden Steele, Carbondale

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