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    Witnessing history: A memorable day at Camp Hale

    The text from the White House press liaison came while we were at dinner in Avon. My wife Bonnie would be credentialed and able to join me the next day (Oct. 12) at the ceremony where President Joe Biden would dedicate the new Camp Hale-Continental Divide National Monument!read more →

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    Forest Service to hold El Jebel property open house

    The U.S. Forest Service will hold an open house on Wednesday, Oct. 19, from 5 to 6:30 p.m., at the El Jebel Community Center, 20 Eagle County Rd., El Jebel. The purpose of the event is to give the public the opportunity to obtain more information on theread more →

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    Letter from Michigan, ’22 (when “normal” maybe isn’t so normal)

    Hello again, fellow Bondalers and Valley dwellers, from verdant, humid southwestern Michigan! Bonnie and I made it to our old stomping grounds a little later than usual but in time for a mostly great July 4 weekend here (see below).

    I can report that during theread more →

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    COVID de larga duración y su tratamiento

    Una de las características más distintivas — y preocupantes — del COVID-19 es la persistencia de los síntomas después de que las personas se han recuperado de la infección inicial por coronavirus. 

    Denominadas formalmente secuelas posts-agudas del SARS CoV-2, la afección se ha convertido en algo más conocido como… read more →

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    Long COVID and its treatment

    Among the more distinctive — and troubling — features of COVID-19 is the persistence of symptoms after individuals have recovered from the initial novel coronavirus infection. Formally called post-acute sequelae of SARS CoV-2, the condition has become more commonly known as “long COVID” or “long-haul COVID”; patients sufferingread more →

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    Letter from Michigan

    Greetings, Bonedalers and valley folk, from (near) the shore of Lake Michigan! For almost two months (with a week-long break for Mountain Fair), my wife Bonnie and I have been at a little cottage in the woods about 10 miles north of the Indiana border. We have beenread more →