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    Taking pride in history

    The Carbondale Historical Preservation Commission (CHPC) wants you to take pride in your historic homes. That is why the commission is offering people who own a house deemed a “historical structure of merit” (SOM) the opportunity to call attention to its historical relevance. 

    The town will split the cost… read more →

  • Coming Home to The Great Mother – Part 1 thumbnail

    Coming Home to The Great Mother - Part 1


    Earth Day 2022 Special offering.
    The first segment of a 2 part journey honoring and affirming our relationship with the earth. Join us for an introductory evening to explore the roots of wisdom in western culture and the ways in which our culture has cut itself off from those…

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    Pages of the Past: ‘C’dale student wants to spend spring break in a Russian Prison’

    From the archives of the Valley Journal and Sopris Sun

    March 4, 1982

    Voting was open for sorority Zeta Epsilon’s woman of the year, with eight nominees. Valley native Betty deBeque was a Cub Scout den mother, president of the Carbondale Chamber of Commerce and had planned the memorial service… read more →

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    Pages of the past: Carbondale carries the torch

    Feb. 18, 1982

    Though they hadn’t been through two years of intermittent social distancing, folks still got cabin fever — so the Journal sought advice from Glenwood Springs psychologist Jerry Weinstock. He noted that the phenomenon was particularly prevalent in rural areas (which Carbondale certainly still was), since cities provide… read more →

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    CVEPA Views: To trap an elk in 1972...

    The 500-pound cow elk was wild-eyed as she kept trying to escape the trap. 

    She continued to jump up on the eight-foot-tall walls of her plywood pen until she finally broke down a section. The “wapiti” (the Shawnee and Cree word for elk) struggled to get her front legs… read more →

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    Year in Review 2021: When was normal?

    Dec. 21, 2020 —
    a grand conjunction between planets Saturn and Jupiter, on the solstice, signaled the beginning of “a new epoch,” in the words of Sopris Sun columnist Whitney Will (Sun Signs), “that will see us through until the year 2219.” Year one of that nearly
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    Cool Brick Studios gets historic

    I met with writer, musician, producer, director Dave Taylor, a man of many titles, at the Village Smithy Restaurant, just a stone’s throw from his place of work, Cool Brick Studios. The historic downtown house is solidly built with muted-pink bricks giving it that “cool” aesthetic which is now repeated… read more →

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    RVR walks us through time

    Fifty people, give or take, showed up to the grand opening of the new River Valley Ranch (RVR) History Trail. In conjunction with the Carbondale Historical Society, RVR installed several informational panels along the paved path which circles the development.

    The premise is that folksread more →

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    Hardwick Bridge to welcome back foot traffic

    Hardwick Bridge is not falling down, but it definitely needs new decking and side railings to safely carry pedestrians and bicyclists across the Roaring Fork River. This iron truss bridge, located north of the Iron Bridge and West Bank subdivisions, was erected in the 1920s for cars and trucks,… read more →

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    Pages of the Past: Unified for the Thompson Divide

    From the archives of the Valley Journal and The Sopris Sun

    Oct. 8, 1981

    Carbondale mourned the loss of old-timer Joe Corthell, who spent most of his 79 years gardening and tending hives on what was then the outskirts of town. As Editor Patread more →