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    KDNK turning 40: Anecdotes and other notes

    Anecdote: “A short or amusing or interesting story about a real incident or person.”

    Well, with hundreds of volunteer DJs, dozens of board and staff members, plus numerous supporters and observers, anecdotes from the past 40-plus years are plentiful. Let’s start with the pre-opening night at the Crystal Theatre, on… read more →

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    Book Review: Stories of the American West

    “Stories of the American West, Volume 1” by author Daniel Parliman provides the reader with a detailed description of commercial group trail rides and hunting expeditions on Colorado’s Western Slope over a period of many years. The detailed accounts of the group rides and hunting trips are rich with the… read more →

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    Dinkel building to get some TLC

    The famous Dinkel building on Main Street, built by one of Carbondale’s original townsmen, William Dinkel, is getting a facelift. A remodeling permit was issued on Oct. 6 and construction is due to begin any day now.

    The building’s new owner, Rick Holmstrom, is the chief executive officer… read more →

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    Shipmans aren’t ready to give up

    Tragically, the day before Thanksgiving, the Shipman family’s home on the Dooley Creek Farm in the Crystal Valley burned to the ground.

    Mollie Shipman knew the home her whole life. Her grandparents came over from Leadville, bought the property in 1949 and lived in the same house. The home was… read more →

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    Thoughts on the Hayden, the Meeker Uprising, and the Crystal Trail

    When Ferdinand Hayden’s team of surveyors entered the Crystal Valley in 1873, they noted the existence of a “hardened trail” running from the summit of what is now known as Schofield Pass down to the confluence of the Roaring Fork and Colorado Rivers. At this point, the surveyors were the… read more →

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    State and local libraries assist historians

    The Carbondale Historical Society was recently invited, along with Garfield County’s other cultural heritage institutions, to attend a seminar hosted by Garfield County Libraries District (GCPLD) Executive Director Jamie LaRue. The seminar took place on Sept. 26 at the Glenwood Springs Library, and focused on the digitization ofread more →

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    Former Marble resident achieves prestigious Naval rank

    Commander Elouise “Ellie” Hurst had a childhood most today can only imagine. Growing up as “one of the Marble kids,” she experienced independence, adventure and a self-awareness that ultimately shaped her impressive career in the Navy — including her recent promotion as the commanding officer of the Center for Naval… read more →

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    Scuttlebutt / Calendar - Sept. 29, 2022

    Sculpt a spud

    The 113th Potato Day, themed “Marble Mash” in honor of the 100th anniversary of the Lincoln Memorial, kicks off Friday, Sept. 30, with a Community Contra Dance at the Third Street Center. See this week’s community calendar for a schedule of additional Potato Day events. Care to… read more →

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    Potato Day’s 2022 mash-up grows engagement

    For 112 years, through two pandemics, ‘Bonedalers have harkened the fall with a celebration of spuds. At the time of the very first Potato Day, 1910, Eugene Grubb had just published his book, “The Potato” and Irish immigrant Thomas McClure’s red variety, unique to this valley, was gaining national prestige.… read more →

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    OST solicits public opinions on Penny

    Legend has it, somewhere south of Carbondale, there exists a non-commercial hot spring, free and accessible at all hours except when the river swallows it in spring. Tenacious soakers then rearrange the stones to balance scalding hot water with the cold river to make comfortable pools. It’s no secret that… read more →