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    From roadside to table: Colorado Parks & Wildlife permit turns roadkill into meals

    By Danielle Davis

    “After I relocated to the Roaring Fork Valley, it was curious to me that the animals [along the side of the road] were left to scavengers, given my prior experience in Alaska,” says Missouri Heights resident Mike Fleagle, who moved here in 2018.

    Fleagle is an Alaska… read more →

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    Branching out: Oh, my god, the shoveling?

    It’s been 15 years since I’ve lived in a natural setting, and wow. Overnight. Lifestyle. Change.  

    At a slower rate, I’ve been shuttling for three weeks, moving to our new digs. Every time I pass Sunfire, the mouth of the canyon whispers, This is serious stuff.… read more →

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    What in the philtrum?!

    Why does placing my philtrum in the fur of a dog or cat calm me? Why am I drawn to placing said philtrum against the warmth of my daughter’s neck when we hug, or against a lover’s skin while we laze about? What the heck is a philtrumread more →