Geneviéve Villamizar

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    Branching Out: Living into our dreams

    I was a teenager already studying architecture in high school, and I wanted nothing but New York City. I wanted to live on a boat in a marina. I dreamed of tailored mini skirts; long, fitted blazers; and three-inch slingback heels. I would zip about in my charcoal gray Mazda… read more →

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    Branching Out: Living the enlivening of spring

    I almost drove off the road when I caught sight of the wild Merriam’s turkeys — two or three toms were in full display mating mode. How could you miss them? Sunlit, the ivory and cream bands of their tail fans were incandescent, their regal sway reminiscent of an elk’s… read more →

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    From roadside to table: Colorado Parks & Wildlife permit turns roadkill into meals

    By Danielle Davis

    “After I relocated to the Roaring Fork Valley, it was curious to me that the animals [along the side of the road] were left to scavengers, given my prior experience in Alaska,” says Missouri Heights resident Mike Fleagle, who moved here in 2018.

    Fleagle is an Alaska… read more →

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    Branching out: Oh, my god, the shoveling?

    It’s been 15 years since I’ve lived in a natural setting, and wow. Overnight. Lifestyle. Change.  

    At a slower rate, I’ve been shuttling for three weeks, moving to our new digs. Every time I pass Sunfire, the mouth of the canyon whispers, This is serious stuff.… read more →

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    What in the philtrum?!

    Why does placing my philtrum in the fur of a dog or cat calm me? Why am I drawn to placing said philtrum against the warmth of my daughter’s neck when we hug, or against a lover’s skin while we laze about? What the heck is a philtrumread more →