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  • Fall Brunch at Highwater Farm thumbnail

    Fall Brunch at Highwater Farm


    On Saturday October 15th, we will celebrate the end of a very full farming season with our favorite chefs: Tiffany and Joey of The Farmer and Chef Catering! We hope you will join us and other community members for a delicious farm-to-table meal made with produce from our fall harvest.…

  • Farm Fest thumbnail

    Farm Fest


    Carbondale Farm Fest – a celebratory nod to harvest season, ranching culture, and local food. An event where we celebrate our land, our heritage, and the spirit of our town.

    Farm Fest is a weekend long series of different activations and will be an opportunity to engage locals and visitors…

  • THE ART OF MOUNTAIN FARMING and the magic of seed thumbnail

    THE ART OF MOUNTAIN FARMING and the magic of seed


    Chefs Barclay Dodge and Joey Scarlett will take you on a culinary journey that will both tantalize the taste buds and stimulate the mind! This six-course meal will feature unique varieties of food plants developed over the past decade by the farmers at Seed Peace as they select for flavor,…

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    Food stamps meets farm to table

    Food assistance programs have come a lonnnnnng way, Baby.

    Today, recognizing that food deficits hit many of us in unpredictable and uncontrollable ways—COVID, anyone?—federal and regional nutrition assistance programs have evolved to support more people with more dignity and more agency.

    Physical paper food… read more →