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    Aspen businesses patent biodegradable fire foam

    Last month, Aspen-based business Multi-Inc., in partnership with development company AspenGlo, unveiled a new, federally patented biodegradable fire-resistant foam design to protect structures in the event of wildfire. The newly developed foam is not only unprecedented in its reduction of environmental harm, but its long-lasting protection against flames. 

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    Branching out: The key to life

    Returning West as a young adult, two things blew me away: its screaming blue skies and the alkaline pungency of its landscape. My entire physical body recognized both as home; deserts and mountains were the playground of my earliest years. In the weeks before moving onto campus, I gathered armfuls… read more →

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    mountainFLOW takes grant for eco-friendly wax

    Carbondale-based outdoor company mountainFLOW, best known for its award-winning plant-based ski wax and bike lube and for appearing on ABC’s “Shark Tank” in 2021, recently received a $250,000 state grant to fund research and development for a new line of eco-friendly liquid glide wax.

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    Red Hill User Survey - Participants Needed


    The 2022 Red Hill User Survey is available on our website:

    Please take the time to give us your feedback. It is very important to help us care for these much loved public lands. All input is anonymous. Survey closing date is April 16, 2022. Thank you.

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    WRNF explores aspen forest management

    The White River National Forest (WRNF) is seeking public comment on a proposal to manage aspen forests. The project cites declining aspen forests due to drought, insects, disease, wildfire suppression, and browsing pressure.
    The WRNF’s motivations for preserving and expanding aspen forest-types include “their scenic value, the important wildlife… read more →