Branching Out

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    Branching out: Oh, my god, the shoveling?

    It’s been 15 years since I’ve lived in a natural setting, and wow. Overnight. Lifestyle. Change.  

    At a slower rate, I’ve been shuttling for three weeks, moving to our new digs. Every time I pass Sunfire, the mouth of the canyon whispers, This is serious stuff.… read more →

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    Branching Out: It's the darndest thing

    The last time I fished this spot was with this same friend and darn it all if we hadn’t stumbled upon fireflies while hiking out. Have you ever seen these Midwestern points of light in real life? All aglow and aglimmer, across a midsummer’s eve? It’s gasp-worthy magic. Though it… read more →

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    What in the philtrum?!

    Why does placing my philtrum in the fur of a dog or cat calm me? Why am I drawn to placing said philtrum against the warmth of my daughter’s neck when we hug, or against a lover’s skin while we laze about? What the heck is a philtrumread more →

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    Oh my God: Aliveness

    Gilded, her silhouette shimmered amid the silver tumult of a sea collapsing upon itself. Bracing spray chased her up the beach; receding reflections of sky pulled at her feet. Unconstrained; another mammal, this daughter of mine, at play beneath wheeling, crying gulls, gliding pelicans and a falling more →

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    A bold, regenerative future

    We recently received a letter here at The Sun “regarding Carbondale’s lack of color and appeal.” As a landscape designer, a 14-year garden and nature columnist, and with a decade-and-a-half on town committees and volunteer efforts, I was offered the opportunity to respond.

    I chuckled andread more →

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    Branching Out: Rooted in (her)story

    How do we sink roots in a new place? 

    I came to Carbondale before the “Best Places to Live” lists. Mad about fly fishing, hunting for a place “to grow up” and sink my own roots, our watershed drew me in.

    Volunteering is aread more →