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    Ascendigo gets new digs

    “On Monday, May 22, Ascendigo Autism Services became the proud owner of 695 Buggy Circle,” began a recent press release from the organization.

    Ascendigo is a nonprofit that serves many people living with autism in the region. While it started as a summer sports camp in 2004, today it operates… read more →

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    Max finds home in Carbondale

    A blue pick-up parks in front of a duplex near the Rio Grande Trail, an Ascendigo Autism Services logo on the door. Two galvanized metal trash cans are bungeed in back. A young guy steps gently from the passenger door, green compost baggies in hand, and disappears throughread more →

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    Celebrating and accepting differences

    By Betina Infante

    April 2 is World Autism Awareness Day and the focus for 2021 is to “Celebrate Difference.” This year, Carbondale-based Ascendigo Autism Services [Ascendigo] is at the forefront of a shift in approach from spreading awareness to promoting acceptance. Ascendigo, the Autism Society of America and several other… read more →