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    Work in Progress - Nov. 3, 2022

    The Bald Eagles of Beaver Lake

    By Alex Menard

    This may read like a short story and still seems like a dream to me. In fact, I am relating it just as it happened on one stunningly beautiful fall day in Marble, Colorado. The day was so bright it almost… read more →

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    As Lincoln Memorial turns 100, Marble town history is written in pure white stone

    After visiting the beginnings of Colorado-Yule Marble Company in the town of Marble, architect Henry Bacon insisted on using its luminous, white stone for the Parthenon-styled exterior of the Lincoln Memorial he was designing. Its color was, he asserted, “immeasurably superior” to the four tried-and-true marble sources also being considered… read more →

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    Lead King Loop stakeholder group hosts listening session

    By Alex Menard

    As the upper Crystal Valley sheds its protective coat of winter white, many things are revealed. The daily appearance overhead of a pair of bald eagles means that our ecosystem has a crowning touch: an eagle’s nest. On McClure Pass, the melting snow makes way for a… read more →

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    Lead King Loop debate continues

    By Alex Menard
    Sopris Sun Correspondent

    In about a month, Off Highway Vehicles (OHVs) will return to Marble and the Lead King Loop (LKL) in great numbers. During the annual quiet winter period, the Lead King Loop Working Group (LKLWG) met for over 30read more →

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    Opinion: Last chance for Lead King Loop

    By Alex Menard 

    It began quietly and slowly, barely noticeable. But, each year the same processional theme was repeated with a faster tempo and more volume. The theme assumed a harsh, incessant, menacing, out of control quality. This is not a music review of Ravel’s Bolero, rather the

    read more →
  • Wildflower Walk


    Take a walk on the wild side, visit our newest open space/ wildlife refuge and learn the names of your flower brothers and sisters. If you listen they will speak to you. Free and easy, designed for all.…

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    Putting the brakes on Marble’s ATV frenzy

    Sitting on the porch of a small cottage just beyond Marble town limits, I enjoyed a warm spring day, feeling that I was truly in the wilderness. Local residents are trying to soak up that feeling before the tourist season arrives, and, along with it: ATVs, or all-terrain vehicles, which… read more →