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Survey results reveal overall satisfaction among RFSD educators

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The results of the 2022 Teaching and Learning Conditions in Colorado (TLCC) survey, administered this spring through the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) and released in May, are being analyzed by school administrators across the state.

According to the CDE website, “TLCC is a statewide, confidential survey intended to support school, district and state improvement planning, as well as research and policy.” The statewide collaborative includes partners such as the Colorado Education Association, Colorado Education Initiative and the Governor’s Office — to name just a few.

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For the first time, in addition to educators, educational support professionals were eligible to participate in the survey. The survey did not include questions about teacher pay.

Aimee Brockman, who completed her first year as the Crystal River Elementary School (CRES) principal, said survey results reflected “how we were handling things at the district and school levels throughout the challenging pandemic years; including opening our schools last year to in-person learning.”

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The TLCC survey, Brockman said, is one of the tools that she and Kendall Reiley, CRES’s new assistant principal, use in addition to regularly sharing staff feedback with their leadership team.

“The survey is a super important mechanism that reveals some unknowns, and you need to have something to find out what you don’t know,” Brockman explained. “That is important to me as a new leader, for sure.” Brockman agreed that while survey results “are just data,” they are only beneficial when you respond by making appropriate changes.

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“[There’s] been a lot of transitions, and it was the first year of Kendall and I working together,” Brockman stated. “Now that we have a year of experience, I’m looking forward to some of the systems we’ve built running smoothly and not taking so much energy to plan and execute.” She added that she looks forward to working another year with the same partner.

Megan Baiardo, principal of Roaring Fork High School (RFHS), said she will review the survey results with staff this fall. RFHS survey scores have risen compared to scores from 2018 and 2022.

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Baiardo teamed up with Cora Carballeira, who just completed her first year as the RFHS assistant principal.

“Overall, staff says it [RFHS] is a good place to work. New teachers felt very well supported this year. That was a huge celebration for us because I feel that Cora and I had a fairly large number of new teachers, and we were [also] new,” Baiardo shared.

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She added, “First, I got so lucky with Cora as my assistant principal. She brings such a high level of organization…I think the two of us have created a vision together of a long-term plan. I’m really proud of that. Overall, we were largely successful in our first year together.”

Survey participation rates for CRES and RFHS were high (90% and 98%, respectively). In RFSD as a whole, 452 of a possible 498 respondents completed the survey. The survey was administered in partnership with the Colorado Education Association (the state’s teachers union) to encourage participation.

RFSD results showed that 92% of teachers would recommend their school as a good place to work and 92% would recommend their school as a good place for students to learn; compared to 85% and 89%, respectively, statewide. 

The Roaring Fork schools had an overall TLCC favorability rating of 80%, compared to the Colorado average of 76% among educators. In fact, the district outperformed the state in 10 of 11 survey categories. 

Statewide TLCC survey results, which include results by school districts and individual schools, are available online at

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