Sun Signs by Whitney Will

It’s Gemini season. The sweet few weeks of the sun’s time in the sign of the twins opens our windows and our social distancing mandates to let in fresh air and connection, perfect for the first air sign in the zodiac and one that is all about the banter. Appropriately, Gemini season’s astrology is some of the busiest we will see all year, with many significant transits piled on top of each other that may have you going in many directions at once.

Some transits are friendly, while some of this month’s astrology plays host to the trickster archetype; we should tread lightly lest circumstantial evidence appear convincing beyond a reasonable doubt. Gemini season will be full of reasonable doubts, and we would do well to file each away in case we need to retrace our steps.   

Jupiter moves into Pisces

It may have been a week ago, but Jupiter’s ingress into Pisces is definitely one of the best things that happens during 2021. Jupiter, also known to astrologers as “the greater benefic,” is generally the luckiest planet in the sky, seeding a spirit of abundance, connection and hope wherever he goes. He has spent the last couple years in signs ruled by Saturn, which has put a constrictive damper on what help he can provide. In Pisces however, Jupiter is in his home sign. This means he is free to be fully benefic and, in the fertility of a water sign, this means many things that have struggled to grow over the last couple years may suddenly flourish.

However, there is a shadow-side to everything. Pisces is a spiritual sign, and Jupiter is a planet that governs both faith and belief. We may find ourselves longing so deeply for existential security that we fall under the spell of gurus and conspiracies without vetting them properly. As a clever person once said, “Don’t be so open minded that your brain falls out.” Fantasy is a potent anesthetic, and can provide respite from harsh day-to-day struggles, but it must be used merely as a fertilizer for daily life, not a substitute.

Jupiter will be in Pisces from May 13 to July 28, before retrograding back into Aquarius for the remainder of 2021. Use the time to experiment with new opportunities. When Jupiter enters Pisces again in the new year, you will know which ones to double down on. 

Eclipse season

The Sagittarius full moon lunar eclipse on May 26 brings us into eclipse season once again. Another iteration of eclipses in the Gemini/Sagittarius polarity provides a chapter break and a chance for us to look at the story as written and change course if we do not like where things are headed. Eclipses can bring sudden insights that in turn bring about sudden endings or open us up to new ideas that become personal renaissances. It is a coin toss though, so hold your bets.

In my November 2020 column, I wrote specifically on these two signs and what the eclipses therein might portend for the collective. One thing I brought up was the educational as well as travel-orientation of these two signs. As a year of remote learning and travel restrictions let up, the eclipses will help summarize all that we have learned in the past six months.

A second Gemini new moon solar eclipse on June 10 sends us off on a new journey but one closer to home. We are retooling the Gemini parts of the chart as we try to regain cohesion within communities divided by politics, science and the figurative and literal casualties of the pandemic.

Mercury goes retrograde

As if things were not complicated enough, the trickster planet itself goes into apparent retrograde motion on May 29, retracing its steps through the second half of Gemini. If there was ever a transit for having to eat your words, Mercury retrograding through loquacious Gemini is it. Luckily, there are plenty of words to spare.

Instead of wasting your breath trying to move projects forward while Mercury is moving backwards, revisit unfinished things and tie up loose ends. This can mean revisiting old conversations with a tone for reconciliation or putting the finishing touches on your months-old to-do list. Mercury will be retrograde until June 22.

Second exact Saturn-Uranus square

As I discussed in my column from February 2021, the defining astrological alignment of 2021 is a series of squares between the planets Saturn and Uranus. Saturn is “the way things are” and Uranus is “the way they should be.” On June 14, this aspect goes exact for the second of three times, sowing social discord and tension. Neither of these players is likely to compromise, making it highly likely that sparks will fly and protests will happen.

The power structures are being upset, and that means they will double down on the use of force, cancel culture and ideological warfare.

All in all, it is a great time to tread lightly, question the things you think you know and stay compassionate out there.

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