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A cheetah, a cow, a unicorn and a beaver walk into a ropes course.

It sounds like a bad joke, but for Asa Dehaan, Ramsey Bond, Ben Schmidt and Cholla Nicoll (respectively), it’s serious business. Mostly.

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As the “action group” from Colorado Mountain College’s “Fostering Sustainable Behavior” class, they were looking for an out of the box way to encourage CMC to live up to its recently adopted Sustainability Action Plan as it considers additions to its Spring Valley Campus. The result a banner hoisted near the campus entrance on Nov. 16 with a simple message: “SAP NOW.”  The action plan, available at, sets ambitious goals like carbon neutrality and zero waste by 2050.
“We feel like a lot of the student body doesn’t realize we have this,” Bond explained. “We need to be walking the talk and there’s no better way to learn it than to do it.” That even went for the banner itself, which were all obtained second hand. The outfits were already in their closets — a byproduct of campus and ski culture.  The group alerted the school to their plans in advance, and even had a Outdoor Studies professor on hand to supervise the climb.
“We think it’s awesome they felt comfortable expressing themselves freely in a manner that was quirky and safe,” said Sustainability Studies director Adrian Fielder. “The students are putting a fire under our feet, and I think it’s a good thing. We need to feel accountable toward future generations.”
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