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SoL Theatre shines new light on Krakow plays

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Sopris Sun Staff Report

In 2005, Carbondale resident Amy Krakow published the third book in her children’s book series, “The Mutt and the Monster.” When numerous kids asked when the fourth book would come out, she mostly responded by telling them that the “trilogy” was complete. But now, several years later, she has written a musical based on the series.

“From the time the idea popped into my head, to writing it, and finally braving walking into SoL Theatre to meet with directors Logan Carter and Jennifer Michaud, seven years had gone by,” Krakow said. “Aside from working several jobs, too many ski days, and endless summer hikes, the musical spent most of its time inside a desk drawer collecting dust. When Sol Theatre decided to take it on, I spent the next few months editing and polishing it off.”

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Based on her own two mutts, Sparky and Spooner, the books tell the comical tale of canine sibling rivalry where both dogs are cast as the underdog, demanding sympathy from readers as they try to convince them that their young owner, Lucy, loves the other one more. The musical takes them to a courtroom where they finally have the chance to find out who Lucy really loves more, with hilarious results.

Sol Theatre Managing Director Jennifer Michaud showcased the original musical during is 2014 summer camp, in conjunction with the Carbondale Council on the Arts and Humanities (CCAH), which will culminate in two evening performances: on Aug. 20-21 at 6:30 p.m.

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The student cast of 33 young actors will be putting on a colorful, magical, musical version of the story and they will be in charge of everything, including acting, singing, choreography, set design, props, lights, sound and even directing. “These young actors will not only be in a production but will create every piece of the magic in bringing a new musical to the stage,” Michaud said.

Local musician Matt Haslett is taking the lead as music director, assisted by Aspen High School summer intern and actor Emory Major. They will work along side the kids writing and performing all original songs, as well as playing all the songs in the musical.

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SoL Artistic Director Logan Carter will be working with the students on skills ranging from projection to improvisation. Bryan Edelmann, drama teacher at Cornerstone Classic School (and SoL alum), is assisting in bringing the production together, and Amy Krakow herself will be there to help out with character development and background.

Performances will be held at The Third Street Center in Carbondale in the former PAC3, (now known as The Event Hall). Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for children and can be purchased in advance at, and at the door. More information is available at

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