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Snow it goes

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We have a winner! It snowed some on Sept. 22, but the real dump — which we’re still seeing on the slopes days later — was on Sept. 23. That day belonged to The Sun’s own Jane Bachrach, who obtained photographic evidence of her victory. 

The only person likely to dispute this decision is the bloke who guessed the day before (since that snow is presumably also still there underneath), but luckily that happens to be Editor Will Grandbois, who can’t complain since he had the final call. 

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It’s probably worth mentioning that Deb Colley also angled for the equinox, but was too late to the game. 

Perhaps next year we’ll stick with the first dusting to avoid this kind of intrigue. Who knew it could be so complicated? (Everyone on the staff except Will, that’s who.) 

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