Photo by Jane Bachrach

A fire call at the Basalt Post Office on the evening of March 29 turned out to be more smoke than anything, according to Fire Chief Scott Thompson.

The building was closed for business, Thompson said, when someone smelled smoke – though the alarm system wasn’t triggered.

“We didn’t know what we had and it seemed to be getting worse, so we treated it like we had a fire,” he explained.

Basalt Fire responded with the standard fleet of two fire trucks and an ambulance, but had limited access until federal employees arrived.

“They take the security pretty serious, so there’s areas we weren’t able to get to until they brought the keys,” Thompson noted.

In the end, it turned out that “something in one of the air handlers got hot and we traced it down and just shut it down,” he explained.
No one was injured and, he said, “it really wasn’t much.”