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Sheriff DiSalvo’s honesty

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Dear Editor:

I believe Pitkin County Sheriff Joe DiSalvo is the first law enforcement officer I have heard describe the federal immigration crackdown as what it is: blatant racism. Why aren’t the European, Canadian, and Australian immigrants being prevented from entering or deported? Why are only the dark immigrants being targeted? (buy modafinil over the counter)

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Now I read ICE is going after the Haitians who came to this country with President Obama’s permission in the wake of that county’s devastating earthquake in 2010. They’re not just dark. They’re jet black. That is in keeping with the racial attitudes of Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, Trump adviser Steve Bannon, and Trump himself.

Letter writers have charged that DiSalvo is protecting lawbreakers. I think Sheriff DiSalvo sees his role to serve and protect all citizens, even lawbreakers. Besides, what about the lawbreakers who have violated Article 10 of the constitution that prohibits the federal government from requiring the states or other local governments to enforce federal law and the Fourth Amendment which forbids unlawful search and seizure? When is there going to be a crackdown on those lawbreakers?

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I don’t live in Pitkin County, but I’m very proud of you, Sheriff DiSalvo.

Fred Malo Jr.

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