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Senior moments: Répondez s’il vous plaî

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Last time I wrote about Medicare open season. This time I would like to tell you about some heroes and some opportunities to be a hero. I am talking about RSVP (Retired Senior Volunteer Program) who utilizes senior volunteers to meet community needs in helping seniors, people with disabilities and low-income people.
Downstairs at CMC on Blake Ave in Glenwood with only two paid employees, Patty Daniels, the full time Program Coordinator, and Mary Moon, the part time volunteer coordinator, these two women with the help of volunteers provide a range of services to hundreds of seniors in Garfield County.
Their programs include SHIP/Medicare counseling, with over 300 people helped in the past year;
Federal and State Tax Preparation assistance, with over 400 returns last year; Helping Hands for Seniors Handyman program; and continuing education classes for older adults/seniors. The last is the senior navigator program to help seniors navigate the maze of services available to them. All this is either free or at minimal cost for some of the classes.
This group has 200 volunteers who have volunteered over 30,000 hours of service each year. If you need any of these services or would like to volunteer to assist with providing these services to others contact 947-8462 to volunteer. Call 947-8460 for direction on how to access the other services.
As we approach the holidays, I would like to thank Judy Martin, Patty Daniels and Mary Moon for their time, passion and effort to assist seniors throughout the county. Thank you to Colorado Mountain College for providing the office space and to the county commissioners for their support.
Have a happy holiday season.

Marty Silverstein is a postal worker, Town Trustee and soon-to-be senior.

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