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Rams at Work & Play

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In what was billed as a school-wide romp, on May 24 the students of Roaring Fork High School went all out for “Rams Day,” a day fi lled with volunteer work in the morning, fun and games in the afternoon.

Some recipients of the volunteer effort were the Heritage Park Care Center, the Carbondale Clay Center, the Crystal River Trail trash accumulation and the kids at Crystal River Elementary School, with each site or work program involving a team of students supposedly all from the same grade.

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Shown here are: (top left) a silly example of manual and mental dexterity by a group of students;(top right) Miguel Garcia Garcia being carried in a chair by fellow students Dawson Kuhl, Grady Burger, Joe Salinas and an unidentifi ed individual; (above right) Samuel Schoon, at right, gives
some reading assistance to an unidentifi d young man; (above left) Jaime Diaz and Madison Diaz practice passing an orange with their elbows; and (left) Alexia Sida and Brenda Peña-Mata mow the Carbondale Fire Department lawn for their volunteer work.

Photos by Sue Rollyson.

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Volume 11, Number 16 | May 30, 2019

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