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Dear Editor:
I just want to take this public forum to thank our Carbondale Post Office for their service not only this Christmas season, but throughout the year.
Yes, we all have complaints about the postal service, missing mail, long lines, delayed packages, but let’s be appreciative with what the counter service personnel has to deal with on a daily basis.
I have witnessed rude customers, shouting customers, customers who are still wrapping packages as they get to the counter, customers who apparently have never mailed a letter before as they have no idea what to fill out or the various mail services offered, customers who won’t put down their phones, etc. Yet our Carbondale postal staff waits patiently on each and every customer and often with a smile and candy to pass out.
It’s a thankless job, so let’s take a minute to thank our postal employees for dealing with all of us.
Arvid and Janet Johnson

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