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Private air service targets Bonedale

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Sopris Sun Staff Report

ASCENT Private Air Club has targeted Carbondale residents and visitors in a new marketing campaign.

“By focusing exclusively on travel to, from and within the Rocky Mountain West, ASCENT allows members to fly on private aircraft for a fraction of the cost of other nationally-focused private aviation services,” said an ASCENT press release dated Nov. 6.

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ASCENT partners with local operators and uses locally-based planes and crew.

“By having local pilots operate local planes, we can ensure the utmost safety and convenience, while dramatically reducing the cost of private aviation versus our nationally-focused competitors,” said ASCENT CEO Tom Philippini.

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Currently offering its members a wide range of planes, from turboprops to light and mid-sized jets, the club can accommodate various group sizes on flights that can reach either coast non-stop. Unique to ASCENT, members can also arrange to “rideshare” with fellow members to further reduce cost.  

ASCENT is a membership-based private flight company, structured much like a golf or country club, that dramatically reduces the cost of flying privately, while offering unparalleled safety, convenience and service.  “Unlike typical jet programs, joining ASCENT does not require a significant up-front financial contribution or long-term commitment,” Philippini said. There is no long-term commitment and members can elect to terminate their membership at any time.”

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For details, call 303-495-5928.

Published in The Sopris Sun on November 12, 2015.

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