Election results as of our press time (Wednesday afternoon):

It’s looking clear that among the school board candidates: in District A, Kenny Teitler has pulled well ahead of Chase McWhorter by margin of three to one; in District E, Kathryn Kuhlberg garnered a margin of four to one over Steven Fotion.

Meanwhile, Ballot Initiative 5B — increasing teacher and staff salaries and bolstering the district’s retention and recruitment efforts — is on its way to pass with 6,677 (68.45%) votes in favor.

It appears all three of the statewide proposals will fail. Amendment 78 requires 55% “yes” votes to pass, as it affects the Colorado State Constitution. If passed, the amendment would give state legislators a say in how state money, outside of the budget, is spent, no longer requiring the state treasury’s approval. Voters are also rejecting Propositions 119 and 120. If approved, 119 would increase the cannabis retail sales tax, with the revenue used to partially fund an out-of-school education program, and 120 would have lowered property tax rates on multifamily and commercial lodging, resulting in reduced funding for local public school and government services.

In other news, eight-year-old Axelle Hansen of Rifle has been elected as Sunlight Mountain Resort’s next mini-mayor. She will receive a complimentary season pass, a new snowboard and a seat at Sunlight’s Executive Table. This year, 10% of all proceeds from Sunny Pop sales will be donated to the charity or nonprofit of Hansen’s choice. “Because I am eight years old, I could help the adults hear from us kids,” assured Hansen.