Oct. 20, 1977
Wildlife Officer John Seidel reflected on five years as “guardian of the king’s deer” before leaving his post to spend some time in South America. “Recreation will become more and more of a major industry,” he wrote. “With the population, the inflation and the recreational pressure, I’m sure the shock of the way this place will change in the next ten years will be important to everyone who lives here now. And in looking at all this pressure, you can use the wildlife as a good barometer of change. When you start losing your wildlife and eventually you’ll start losing all the other qualities of life that make it desirable to live here.”
In other news… The Basalt Library was preparing to move into a new location in Lions’ Park. 

Oct. 22, 1987
Roaring Fork School District and the Town of Carbondale were considering transforming the Carbondale Middle School field (between what’s now Bridges High School and the Third Street Center) into a multipurpose complex. Trustees had not yet voted on the $43,000 proposal, but seemed to support the idea. (Some aspects — such as outside basketball baskets and fence modification — apparently took place, while others — such as the construction of a utility building for restrooms and concessions — did not.) 
In other news… Carbondale mourned the passing of longtime Circle Supers manager John Giersch.

Oct. 23, 1997
Trustee Jim Breasted resigned in an uproar following a budget discussion on how much to subsidize RFTA. Breasted interpreted some of his fellow trustees’ attitudes as anti-Aspen, and told The Journal, “It’s destructive… we’re all in this valley together.” While others acknowledged the occasional comment about not repeating Aspen’s mistakes, they said disparaging comments were almost always in jest. 
In other news…A traffic signal was under construction at the intersection of Catherine Store Road and Highway 82.”

Oct. 25, 2007
Garfield County Libraries were eyeing potential improvements to all six of its facilities as Amelia Shelley took the helm. A report was underway to determine whether Carbondale needed a whole new facility, although the community would have a chance to weigh in. (A new library was, indeed, ultimately constructed on the old school tennis court / skate park space, while the old building became The Launchpad.) 
In other news… CRMS students took to unicycling en masse, with twice weekly rides and a competitive team.