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Pages of the Past: Locals become leading trout semen freezers

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From the archives of the Roaring Fork Valley Journal, compiled by Lynn Burton

June 30, 1977

El Jebel Daze was held the previous weekend and according to the Valley Journal, it had “something for everyone,” including a four-wheel-mud-driving competition, carnival, dance, beauty pageant and more. Winners of various events included: Miss El Jebel (Julie Bishop); Best Float (the Basalt Queen float); Shopping Cart Race, adults, (Glenda LeBeck), Shopping Cart race, kids, (Trina Gray); Greased Pig Contest, adults, (Ron Felcen); Greased Pig Contest, kids, (Mitch Huffman).

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July 2, 1987

An article by William D. Jochems reported that John Riger of the Crystal River Fish Hatchery, and Barry Stout (a rancher south of Silt), were developing a method of cryopreserving (freezing) trout semen. The purpose of the freezing was to increase production of the Tasmania strain of rainbow trout at the hatchery. Riger and Stout said that as far as they knew, they were the only ones preserving fish semen on their scale anywhere in the world.

July 3, 1997

Six years after it was first proposed, Roaring Fork Valley governments closed on the 33-mile railroad right-of-way from Woody Creek (near Aspen) to Glenwood Springs. The purchase price was $8.5 million. Rail proponents hoped the purchase would lead to rail service from Aspen (actually, Brush Creek) to Glenwood Springs. The direct costs for rail service, not including on-going costs, were estimated at $200-$300 million. Rail service from Aspen to Glenwood Springs was discontinued in 1969.

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June 28, 2007

Carbondale Police Chief Gene Schilling told the VJ “we’re stretched pretty thin.” With growth and more complex criminal cases to handle, he said the town needs two more officers and he will request an extra $108,000 in the 2008 budget. “Three years ago, we had an investigator. Now, the officers have to investigate their own cases. It’s not petty stuff.” At the time, the PD had 14 police officers and support staff. (Fabulouseyebrowthreading)

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