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Pages of the Past: A Carbondale state of mind

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From the archives of the Roaring Fork Valley Journal

July 21, 1977

Valley Journal Editor Pat Noel addressed a growing sense that Carbondale was becoming Aspenized by pointing out that the influx of upvalley folks was nothing new. “In the end, I suspect everything will have changed quite a bit from what it used to be, but if ‘what it used to be’ had any real merit, the vestiges of it will certainly remain,” he wrote. “Carbondale is, after all, more than a name — it’s a state of mind.”

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In other news… The discovery of herd of dead elk near Telluride had wildlife officers scratching their heads, as all 61 of them seemed to have fallen off a cliff.

July 23, 1987

Jim Boyd wrote a letter suggesting “A Little Street Where Old Friends Meet” as Carbondale’s theme song. “To you, it may be old / And sort of tumbled down / But it means a lot to folks / in my hometown. // Although I’m rich or poor, / I still feel sure / I’m welcome as the flowers that bloom in May.”

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In other news…  John Buxman and John Buxman Jr. completed the renovation and reopening of the Springs Theatre in Glenwood Springs (which shuttered again in 2013 and now hosts the Glenwood Vaudeville Revue).

July 24, 1997

Following the sale of its old sewer lagoon property, the town was looking to buy a piece of land for a new recreation complex, but not having a lot of luck finding space at a fair price Part of the problem, Mayor Randy Vanderhurst surmised, is that Carbondale had $1 million to spend — and landowners knew it.

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In other news… City Market (which had recently acquired Circle Soopers but not yet become a Kroger property) introduced its Value Card for automatic coupons, complete with a giant strawberry graphic on the front.

July 26, 2007

The Roaring Fork Transportation Authority was busily constructing its new Park and Ride across from Village Road while the Colorado Department of Transportation prepared for the construction of a new four lane bridge at the intersection of Highway 133 and Highway 82. Both projects were taking Mountain Fair weekend off.

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In other news… Residents were calling for more notice when the utility department planned to jet the sewer lines after backups caused a mess in several bathrooms.

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