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Dear Editor:

It’s not the Pony Express anymore at the Carbondale PO but there is a Wild Horse Race behind the counter.

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Whoa! it is actually a copy of a mural done by Redstone Artist Frank Mechau, a native of Glenwood commissioned by the WPA for public buildings. The original is at the American Museum of Western Art in Denver. (xanax online prescription reddit)

Mechau, who died too young at the age of 42 left a legacy of the lore and beauty of Western Colorado in numerous paintings and murals.

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Thanks to Lee Ann Eustis with Carbondale Council on the Arts and the architect Dean Moffat, our PO building was designed to accommodate its actual size.

Giddy Up this Sunday to attend the tour of the Mechau home along with the studio of another local artist Jack Roberts, sponsored by Redstone Art Association. And if you cannot make that, you can go to the Colorado Public Radio Site Channel 12, click local and then in production and look for a trailer of a documentary of Mechau and his art It will also give you an opportunity to help complete it. Could this become a local crowd sourcing help especially if we encouraged others to participate?

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At the least, I know you will enjoy viewing it. Our western heritage continues in Carbondale with our weekly rodeos, our parades, cattle drives, and still a few cowpokes at large as well in considerable local art and it’s time to celebrate a touch of its history.

Adele Hause

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