Garfield County Commissioners

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    GarCo Report: Shortest meeting of the year, so far

    A new face graced the first Garfield County Commissioners (BOCC) meeting of 2023 on Monday. Jackie Harmon in her new seat as county clerk and recorder-elect joined relative newcomers Bentley Henderson, deputy county manager, and Heather Beattie, county attorney, at the meeting. Newly-elected officials will be officially sworn in during… read more →

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    GarCo report: Civil issue may have broader impact

    The Garfield County Commissioners held their first regular meeting of the month on Monday, March 7. For the full agenda and an audio/video recording of the meeting, visit 

    Checking oil and gas

    The commissioners started the meeting by opting in as a cooperating agency for… read more →

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    Garfield County Report: Mystery Ranch proposal introduced

    Garfield County Commissioners took nearly seven hours to address the agenda at their Feb. 7 meeting. For more information about the agenda, an assortment of attachments, and a recording of the entire meeting, visit

    The latter part of the meeting included topics pertaining to community development. During a… read more →

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    GarCo Report: What in the census?!

    Following roll call and the pledge of allegiance, Commissioner Tom Jankovsky congratulated the Roaring Fork Rams soccer team for bringing home the state championship trophy. 

    2020 census

    Subsequently, Community Development Director Sheryl Bower introduced Colorado State Demographer Elizabeth Garner who presented trends based on the recent census. “Garfield had… read more →

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    GarCo report: Valley Meals fights for funding

    Once the Garfield County commissioners meeting commenced on Oct. 18, Mary Kenyon with Valley Meals and More, based in Carbondale, addressed the board.

    Valley Meals and More serves hot meals from local restaurants to roughly 100 senior citizens at their homes within, or near, Carbondale upread more →

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    Eagles celebrate a win in Aspen Glen

    The commissioners started the regular session on Monday, Oct. 11, by ratifying yet another letter to the Colorado Congressional Redistricting Commission. “This is getting to be old news,” quipped Commissioner Tom Jankovsky, “this is the third time around.”

    Jankovsky addressed the third, and latest Colorado Senateread more →

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    Commissioners to visit Aspen Glen’s eagle buffer zone

    The Garfield County Commissioners regular meeting on Monday, Sept. 20, took nearly six hours before all was said and done. The majority of the meeting was focused on a developer’s application for a Substantial Planned Unit Development (PUD) Amendment to remove an eagle nest buffer zone in Aspenread more →

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    Water washes out the BOCC agenda

    The Garfield Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) convened for a relatively short hour-and-a-half regular meeting on Monday, Aug. 9. The topic of interest this week: water.

    Carbondale Town Manager Jay Harrington approached the panel for what he said would likely be his last time on behalf of the… read more →

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    Commissioners visit site of proposed Ascendigo Ranch

    The Garfield County Commissioners’ visit to Ascendigo Autism Services’ site for a The Garfield County Commissioners’ visit to Ascendigo Autism Services’ site for a proposed summer camp saw over 50 people in attendance on Tuesday, May 18. The proposal includes some 42,000 square feet of constructions across 126.8 acres belonging… read more →

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    Commissioners get serious about multicultural outreach

    Garfield County Commissioners, at a work session on May 4, welcomed New Castle Councilwoman Crystal Mariscal to assist with bringing to fruition a campaign promise made by Commissioner Mike Samson.

    The idea to form a Garfield County Latino Outreach Group/Coalition or Council of Diversity came aboutread more →