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Born in Chappaqua, New York to Mary and Hap Donham, Sandie graduated from Greely High School and later Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. She had her children in Ithaca, New York, raised them in Mount Laurel, New Jersey and lived with Gary in Greensboro, North Carolina before finally moving to Carbondale. Sandie was an artist throughout her life, including tableware design for Corning Glass (late ‘60s), retail display and printmaking (‘80s), then on to pottery beginning in the ‘90s throughout the rest of her life. Sandie is survived by her husband of 58 years, Gary, daughter Paige, son Brett and four grandchildren, Wyatt, Delilah, Maggie and Finn.

We want you to know…

Husband Gary: Sandie was my first girlfriend in college later becoming my soulmate and bride; my first, best and last wife. She was truly an artist in every sense of the word. She was an only child who then became a wonderful mother and teacher. She was an introvert who presented a strong and loving public presence. She preferred being at the Carbondale Clay Center to visiting a therapist. She preferred Sandaritas to Margaritas. I now believe she resides in the spirit space conversing with her favorite spirits and waiting for new arrivals.

Daughter Paige: Mom could whistle so loud the whole neighborhood knew it was time for Bret and me to go home. She made our friends feel welcome, loved to read greeting cards in the store that made her laugh out loud, and she loved her family — both blood and chosen — fiercely. Long Beach Island, New Jersey was her happy place. She could create art with any media. Her style and taste were cool and elegant; her laugh, smile and sense of humor unmistakable. I’ve become the woman, friend and mother I am, having followed her example. She is and will always be with me and with all of you too. 

Son Bret: Mom’s smile would always light up a room…and your heart. Her kindness and caring for others was immeasurable. She made everyone feel like the most important person in the room while in her presence. Her generosity knew no bounds, regardless of times of plenty or scarcity. I do not know anyone with as impeccable manners. Even in her last days every request was made with a please and finished with a thank you. Above all else she taught us that family, friends and relationships are priceless. I rest in the fact that she is free of that broken body, is in heaven in all of her glory and someday this momma’s boy will be reunited with his number one fan and best mom on the planet.   

A “Celebration of an Artist’s Life” for Sandie will be held at the Orchard (110 Snowmass Drive in Carbondale) on May 27, 2023 at 3 p.m. In lieu of flowers, please send any donations in Sandie’s name to the Angus Graham Scholarship Fund of the Carbondale Clay Center Donations will support and inspire ceramic artists of all ages in Sandie’s beloved memory.