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Well, it’s election season. Tensions are running high and the anticipation is palpable. No matter the outcome, we will remain neighbors, building community as best we can. This week, we’ve decided to give a few extra pages to letters, given their quantity and urgency. You’ll find Jeannie Perry’s election-related column on page 23, displaced this week to extend a special message on behalf of this nonprofit organization.

Along with your ballots, another important piece of mail is arriving to residents within the 81623 zip code. That is, an appeal for donations from The Sopris Sun.

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We are blessed this fundraising season with two sizable matches. The first, $15,000 from Newsmatch (#Newsmatch) kicked in at the beginning of November and continues through the end of the year. Additionally, $5,000 from the Colorado Media Project (#NewsCONeeds) will begin on Nov. 29. For every dollar given by our local supporters, these organizations will match that amount until we’ve reached their pledge. This means that you have the opportunity to triple your donation to The Sopris Sun.

What’s clear: a donation to The Sopris Sun is a vote for democracy. We put your dollars to action, funding journalism that matters in the Roaring Fork Valley. After two years of exploring new facets in the paper — our Spanish-language insert, el Sol del Valle, and youth journalism initiative for high school students — our next priority is to shore up the resiliency necessary to weather whatever economic conditions prevail next year, while providing dignified pay to hardworking reporters who carefully steward our community’s stories — including our student journalists.

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The Sopris Sun is a leading publication in the Roaring Fork Valley, always giving precedence to locally-produced, original content. We quickly approach our 14th year, and what a year it promises to be. We hope to launch a new signature event, a website redesign, community invitations to critique the paper and other methods for engagement.

As community-funded media, we need your support to continue to survive and to thrive. Our mission — to inform, inspire and build community by fostering diverse and independent journalism — remains at the forefront of all we do. The Sopris Sun is proud to bring you diverse perspectives, especially as we instill a culture of valuing journalism among our youth correspondents.

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We returned from the Colorado Press Association’s annual convention with numerous awards, including the prestigious “Innovation Award” for el Sol del Valle, our youth program and our weekly radio show on KDNK. This affirmed the importance of our work as a nonprofit newspaper — not only locally, but as a shining story of success for nonprofit media more generally.

All the while, The Sopris Sun serves as a key partner to businesses and other nonprofits in our valley by providing frequent editorial coverage and affordable ad space. Look for our Colorado Gives Day nonprofit guide in next week’s issue. And please, don’t forget The Sopris Sun in your charitable giving. We, in turn, will continue to deliver a fresh paper full of insights and perspectives, as well as inspiration, every week of the year.

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The Sopris Sun is a community voice. We need your help to keep this newspaper strong and able to deliver the local news that is vital to a functioning community. The Sopris Sun is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. All contributions no matter how large or small are tax deductible.

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