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National political dysfunction

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Dear Editor:

I am a U.S. Citizen, living in Colorado, but I expect all of my senators to hear my plea.

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I have contacted every single senator in every state in our Union and I expect compliance to and with our Constitution. It is shameful that all senators are stuck in your own corners of the boxing ring.

In 1978, the Supreme Court ruled that corporations became people. Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission in 2010, upholding the rights of corporations to make political expenditures under the First Amendment. There have been several calls for a Constitutional amendment to abolish corporate personhood. This was the final blow to all citizens of the United States. Now $ runs our government. Quality of life is based on self-serving $, the new deity of our government.

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I am a registered Democrat, but I stand in the center! This is not a tribal issue!

The majority of our nation is extremely concerned about the serious damages being done to our environment, our financial stability, our judicial system, freedom of speech – the Fourth Estate and most obvious, the damage to our National Security perpetrated by our mentally unstable, shoot from the hip, bombastic, rude President.

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All of you senators, Republican and Democratic must find your moral compass. Reject big business money coming into your back pockets. Vote your moral conscience.

Work with each other for our country’s best interests. Stop the insane behavior of a spoiled, narcissistic child. Trump’s rise to power mirrors Germany’s 1918 – 1933 rise of Hitler. You all may scoff at this analogy, but there are too many similarities. Trump and Hitler are cut from the same cloth — narcissistic, no compassion or empathy, insecure, thin skinned, pompous, loud and sadly charismatic to the weak minded, who want a savior.

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The only savior for “We The People” is the partnership of a non-partisan, union of government for our nation’s best outcome. Far right fascist leaning and far left ideologies need to come to the center for success.

Get a grip! Work with each other. Discuss issues and find the best solutions for each and every of our citizens.

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We are a melting pot. Our government needs to serve everyone, not just the ones who have $. Vote to keep our “Dreamers”, making them legal and part of our social fabric. Support the South and Central American countries with extreme poverty and violence from drug cartels, because “We” are the consumers, stoking their problems. Upgrade the ancient immigration system and physical infrastructures on our side of the border to process sanctuary seeking immigrants. Value human rights with compassion and empathy, which we have replaced with the Trump authoritarian agenda.

Holly McLain


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