Friends of the fair embrace their fearless leaders, Queen Miss Moon (Amy Kimberly) and King Mark Taylor. Photo by James Steindler

By Alya Howe

Hey, you, and me
Say yes to WE
For only in Unity
Can this be,
the “land of the free.”

United States of mind  
Is it illusion, a delusion, freedom with no boundaries?
The damless Crystal River runs free!
But it has banks, it has support,
Banks on support to flow, to go, to become crystal clear.
The holders of our banks create dams and flood plains.
Straining reason, stopping the flow of free choice.
Flooding us with divisive opinions as the Pact Act, 
America first evaporates!
Clinging to the mass murdering rights for all to purchase guns,
This is not pro-life, this is our responsibility;
Our children are dying, public safety is lying at the feet of a right I believe has been lost.
Pro-life is the autonomy to choose to protect all pools of humanity.

Do no harm.

Hey, you, and me
Say yes to WE
For only in Unity
Can we be,
the “land of the free.”

What the land of the free meant to immigrant-me was the freedom to choose my destiny.
To celebrate diversity, mutual respect, 
Bubbling interdependence says “yes” to vitality, here.
Time to protest any laws and human ways that lead us to stray.
Time to expand beyond rigidity and feel the sway of flexibility.
Give the benefit of doubt with waterfalls of curiosity, 
Can we listen, ask the right questions?
Discover each other as bees and hummingbirds, discover the nectar in each flower’s offering?
This mountainous land whispers: “expand, expand.”

Hey, you, and me
Say yes to we for only in Unity
Can we be,
the “land of the free.”

Amy Kimberely, Miss Moon, I thank you.
You have fed us spoon upon spoonfuls of inspirational action in the arts and art of living.
Miss Moon’s desire is to rewire and I say, “thank you.” 
You have dished up spoonfuls of crazy, over-the-moon creativity.
As each new moon invites us to retire and rewire on the highwire between, for me and for community,
We need both ends! 
Into our souls the new moon pulls us, 
Riding the tides of trial and error,
Feeling the terror when we exchange the we for self grandiosity.
The empress wears no clothes in the river.

We are the wave, we are the river.
I scorn all the lawns whilst people need water.
I understand we have not been shown how to share life on this land.
Is your tribe diversified, do you welcome all ages, all races, or do you choose agreeable homogeneity? 
Feel every decision that you make, as you decide with a pride that does no harm.
And with this new moon, pause, trade in all scorn as new moons are always a moment to be reborn.
With each turning tide, yes, there are pulls to either side.
Choose WE.
For only in Unity can this be the “land of the free.”
Like never before it is time for all to soar.
Find your mountain peak, breath deep before you speak and together we sail with the new moon into the soul of Carbondale.

Hey, you, and me
Say yes to WE
For only in Unity
Can we be,
the “land of the free.”

Friends of the fair with  King Mark Taylor and Queen Miss Moon (Amy Kimberly). Photo by James Steindler