5Point Film's new executive director is a familiar face. Luis Yllanes currently serves on Carbondale's Board of Town Trustees and worked 12 years for the Aspen Art Museum in several different roles. Courtesy photo

On Nov. 29, 5Point Film announced Luis Yllanes would become their new executive director.

Yllanes, who will take the reins at 5Point Film on Dec. 22, is leaving his position as chief operating officer at the Aspen Art Museum (AAM), where he has served in various roles for the past 12 years.

When the 5Point opportunity arose, Yllanes explained, “I wanted to refocus back on the community here in Carbondale, and I think ever since being elected to the town council, I have wanted to find the right opportunity that would allow me to transition away from the professional role I have up in Aspen to be able to focus on something that I just felt was more impactful to Carbondale, but that also aligned with the values and purpose that I was looking for.”

Yllanes said, referring to 5Point’s five principles – purpose, respect, commitment, humility and balance — “you experience all these through the films and the filmmakers who are bringing you the stories. Coming together to see these films that usually revolve around adventure, whether it’s a personal or communal type, it changes your view of the world on what we each can do as individuals to improve our communities.”

Established in 2007, 5Point Film, a Carbondale-based nonprofit organization, hosts an annual adventure film festival that also includes an on-the-road element which takes 5Point to other cities.

Yllanes said his own experience with 5Point began in 2014, attending their flagship festival. He was impressed by the organization’s goal, “to bring the filmmakers and the subjects of the film in to talk about the experience. I thought that was a very special way of connecting with the audience.”

For the last three years, he has served as a 5Point Dream Project juror, reviewing and voting on student-submitted applications to the 5Point scholarship program open to Roaring Fork Valley high school students.

“I think the educational mission that the organization has embarked on is so important, and what it’s done for the youth here in the Valley. It’s quite the opportunity to pursue a passion and a dream. To me, that’s such an amazing part of the organization, and it’s something that I want to support and continue to grow.”

In April, 5Point hosted a successful drive-in movie night in Roaring Fork High School’s parking lot to celebrate Earth Day. That event, Yllanes said, “tapped into a way to reach a broader audience. And I think that’s a great thing that we can continue to pursue and support,” adding, “because you have to sometimes find the silver lining.”

Yllanes was appointed to the Carbondale Board of Town Trustees in August 2017 and was elected to a four-year term the following year.

Working for 5Point Film, Yllanes explained, shouldn’t impact his town trustee obligations and, “If anything, I think it’ll help enhance my ability to just stay more connected here in Carbondale. So many people obviously have to commute and balance being up in Aspen and spending time here. So, for me having the opportunity just to be down here and be more present in the community, I think it actually will be a plus.”

Yllanes, originally from Miami, moved to the area about 12 years ago for a job opportunity at AAM. His wife, Aimee, is the communications and marketing manager for Colorado Rocky Mountain School (CRMS). Their son Makai is a junior at CRMS. Their daughter, Sydney, is a junior at the University of Colorado Denver.

Along with Yllanes’ hire, 5Point Film announced a year-end fundraising campaign, “Support The Stories.” It launched on Dec. 1 and culminates in a one-night online film program available to campaign supporters on Dec. 16.

A donation to 5Point Film will give the donor access to three films — two short features and one full-length — as part of the year-end film program. Yllanes shared, “We want to offer people the opportunity to see some amazing films that go from the Rocky Mountains to the Himalayas.”

Yllanes said his outdoor adventures include snowboarding and that he is “still coming around to biking, even though I don’t get out as much as I would like.”

And while Yllanes said he misses Florida’s ocean, he added, “that’s the whole point of this country — being able to live intentionally and pursue the golden opportunities that are going to give you a complete life.”

For more information about 5Point Film or the “Support The Stories” fundraiser, go to: www.5pointfilm.org