I have known Lester Rogers as a local Western Colorado musician for many years, but I was genuinely surprised to discover that he had recently authored a book. The title of the book is “Ed Pinley Paranormal Investigator”, and it takes the reader on a wild ride, featuring aliens, entities from other dimensions, human villains, giant crocodiles, shape-shifters and a generous helping of memorable characters.

The book begins by introducing the reader to the main character, Ed Pinley, a self-described “psychic astrologer and private paranormal investigator.” In practice, Pinley investigates “insurance fraud, cheating husbands, cheating wives, ghosts, aliens from space and the paranormal,” all of which keeps our main character pretty busy. 

He states that his line of work is “way better than serving warrants or subpoenas.” His apartment is two doors down from a palm reader and dog whisperer, and The Church of the Third Eye is right across the street. 

Pinley makes remarks that are reminiscent of Humphrey Bogart’s film portrayal of Philip Marlowe. For example, Pinley admits that he “had a few problems to deal with” and lists them. 

“There was that unquenchable taste for gambling, which led to a lifestyle I could not afford. Booze and living in the fast lane had led me down the road of stupidity and face-first into the wall of ignorance.” 

In another passage, Pinley states, “I’m a sucker for a pretty woman, and she was not even the same species as me. Beautiful women have always gotten me into trouble, and I had a feeling trouble was coming soon.” 

The story’s action really starts when Pinley is contacted by two reptilian, shape-shifting aliens who are in need of his assistance. One thing leads to another, and soon he is enmeshed in a wild chain of events that leads him and the aliens into a plethora of bizarre and, more often than not, life-threatening situations.

As the story progresses, the reader is introduced to an array of characters in a variety of locations. Included are the Rufilian aliens (who were thought to have actually murdered Abraham Lincoln), a skin-walker capable of changing into a 14-foot-tall bipedal reptile and, last but not least, the Grey aliens.

One particularly amusing chapter in the book includes a scene in which one of the shape-shifting characters visits the swamps of Louisiana and drinks too much moonshine, which results in her losing control and involuntarily shape-shifting. Let that be a lesson to all shape-shifting aliens!

And because no good story is complete without a true villain, the reader is introduced to Himmler Furling, the character attempting to perfect an inter-dimensional portal that will enable him to conquer the world, as well as other dimensions.

The reader will also find the book’s treatment of the Grey aliens interesting. Ed Pinley becomes aware of a secret government operation on Earth that is killing Greys, which eventually draws him into yet another dangerous situation. 

It’s always fun to discover the creativity and imaginings of an author, and Lester Rogers’ “Ed Pinley Paranormal Investigator” will not disappoint.