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Letters – June 15, 2023

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Happy Father’s Day
What a beautiful, poetic and loving tribute to her father from Vianne Camara in last week’s Sun. I’ve read it four times now, with more to come, I’m sure. I hope it goes viral. That’s one virus I wouldn’t mind having. Un abrazo for Oscar Israel Camara Sepulveda for a job well done.

One of the indispensable virtues of a nonprofit newspaper is that there is space for a feel-good story like that! And the fact that it comes to us from another nonprofit in our community reminds me again of how good we have it in our fair valley. These days, that’s such a poignant realization that it makes me cry.

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Luke Nestler
Somewhere down the river


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Legislative wrap
I am more committed than ever to elevating our community’s voices and representing you proudly. Thank you for allowing me to be your representative.

We took on big fights this session, from affordable housing to gun violence prevention to reproductive access, tackling long-standing issues like bad water quality in mobile home parks and language in emergency response.

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We brought together folks from all levels of government to keep I-70 open.

I was proud to work closely with local officials, first responders, advocacy groups, constituents and directly impacted people to craft sound policy.

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I fought to make sure that the bills we passed under the dome work for us in rural Colorado and that we are not left behind.

It’s the honor of my life to represent House District 57. Our working families are feeling the pressure, there’s so much more to do. I am proud of the laws we passed, proud to vote on legislation that gave our schools more funding, that dealt with gun violence prevention and access to abortion and gender affirming care. I’m also proud to support our ranchers and farmers and of the work we did to keep moving toward a clean energy future.

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We are stronger together for a Colorado for all!

Elizabeth Velasco
House District 57


Dear SkiCo
Dear fellow activist and philanthropist Paula Crown of Aspen SkiCo, I’m so grateful for so many things — especially my Irish-Catholic roots. As fellow artists, we both believe in freedom, right?

Jim, your billionaire husband, is Chairman Emeritus of the Aspen Institute: Mind, body, spirit!

Would you please drop the hiking ban on public lands that you lease from St. Patty’s Day to April 1, 2024, so that I can teach the kids and adults from the Texas church that my Dad helped start… at Buttermilk? Passing out flyers is American. We’d all be grateful. God bless America.

Lee Mulcahy, PhD & Mama Sandy Mulcahy, Chair, Africa Water Wells
Arlington, Texas & Basalt

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