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Respect others
Dear Editor:
As I was leaving the grocery store parking lot, I noticed that my bumper sticker in support of Garfield County Commissioner Tom Jankovsky’s re-election was missing.
I was then notified that several other signs have been stolen. My first question was why? Why would someone act in such a way? As U.S. citizens, we are entitled to vote and campaign for whichever candidate we so choose to support. If you would like a sticker of your own, please inquire and we will gladly supply you.
As an elected official this made me extremely upset! Call me naive, but it is to my understanding that when an individual decides to run for political office, they are doing so because they want to be a public servant and act in the best interests of the community. If you or your supporters are taking/stealing your opponent’s campaign material that clearly demonstrates that in fact you are not working for the best candidate for the position.
I close with this quote from Benito Juarez, ex Mexican President, “el respeto al derecho ajeno es la paz.” In my translation, “respect for the rights of others is peace.” Let’s respect each other during this campaign and focus on what’s best for Garfield County!
Dina Prieto

Re-elect Jankovsky
Dear Editor:
I have known Tom Jankovsky for more than 30 years and am amazed by his thoughtfulness, integrity and total commitment to our communities. That’s why I am proud to support his re-election as Garfield County Commissioner.
I first met Tom when I worked for him at Sunlight Mountain Resort. Frankly I had never had a boss like Tom before. I have a pretty good work ethic but as hard as I worked, Tom worked harder. He was the first one in the office and the morning and after running sweep on the slopes at 4 p.m., he’d be back in the office until well after dark. He inspired me to become a hands-on CEO who led by example.
Tom was inducted to the Colorado Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame not because he was an Olympic skier, but because he was the 30-year steward of our own Sunlight Mountain Resort. Running a small ski area with limited resources Tom had to master budgets, learn board accountability, develop human resource skills, deal with economic and climate challenges and provide excellent customer service. All of those things prepared him to be an excellent County Commissioner.
Like any government, Garfield County has seemingly insurmountable issues that take years to solve: transportation; affordable/attainable housing; health care; rural Broadband; human services; job growth; environment. Tom has truly made inroads in all of these areas.
Tom is not only the first at the table – he frequently sets the table and works to create regional solutions that have garnered accolades for himself and Garfield County.
He helped form a coalition of counties to combat high health insurance premiums; led in establishing the County’s human service grant program; advocated for natural gas development; envisioned and is helping to complete the rural wireless broadband network; and through Garfield Clean Energy has collaborated on $33 million worth of projects that help protect the environment and create jobs.
Tom does not play party politics. I believe he is the right person in the right place at the right time. He deserves re-election so that he can continue to work for us.
Marianne Virgili
Carbondale, CO

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Stepp it up
Dear Editor:
We are very fortunate to live in a Democracy, but our system works well only when there are checks and balances and multiple perspectives are considered and debated.
Therefore, we strive to have people from different parties represent us locally, and at the state and national level. For the past eight years, Garfield County has had one-dimensional representation; all three of our Commissioners represent the views of the same political party. It doesn’t matter which party is represented, either way, when this happens only one fraction of our population is represented.
As a former Garfield County Commissioner, I have experienced the importance of discussing all sides of an issue before making policy decisions. This isn’t currently happening, but when it does, better decisions are made for the benefit of everyone.
This year, we have an opportunity to elect a strong, thoughtful candidate with an extensive business background to the county commission, who will bring that different perspective to the table. Paula Stepp will listen to all sides, speak for the currently underrepresented, and work with her colleagues to create policy that will benefit our community at large.
Please join me in voting for Paula Stepp for Garfield County Commissioner! Your vote counts!
Trési Houpt
Glenwood Springs

Not our representative
Dear Editor:
Did you know that Carbondale did not elect the County Commissioner from our district, Tom Jankovsky? That’s right, because Rifle and Glenwood Springs districts can also vote (out-vote Carbondale) for our representative. Of course they elected a pro fossil fuel and drill-baby-drill person.
Even if you feel your vote may not change a national or state election outcome, it sure can make a difference in your local quality of life. Paula Stepp represents Carbondale values so much more than her opponent Jankovsky.
Your vote is REALLY needed!
Gary Pax

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Dem for Jankovsky
Dear Editor:
I am a registered Democrat working in the healthcare industry in Rifle, CO and I support the reelection of Tom Jankovsky as Garfield County Commissioner.
Tom is a fair minded and experienced businessman who looks out for all interests of Garfield County. What I admire most about him is that he is very capable of compromise. He is also extremely effective in bringing diverse groups together to work for the county’s best interests.
Most politicians have an agenda. Tom’s agenda is simple — he wants to see Garfield County thrive. He is passionate about Garfield County, its history, land, water and the people who live here.
As someone who works in the healthcare industry I was most impressed with Tom when he advocated for our county and against a Colorado Health Insurance rate structure that had placed us in the most expensive rating area in the entire country. Determined to take on the Colorado Division of Insurance if necessary, Tom was successful in the effort to remove Garfield County from the Resort Area Designation and reduce premiums. That was in 2014. Since then Tom has worked tirelessly with state legislators lobbying for affordable and equitable health care premiums for his constituents.
Please join me in voting for a man who has provided transparency in government, fair and consistent leadership and who has only one agenda: to make Garfield County thrive.
Debi Billings
Glenwood Springs

You can count on Jankovsky
Dear Editor:
I am writing to support the re-election of Tom Jankovsky as Garfield County Commissioner. I have known Tom for more than twenty years – as the General Manager of Sunlight Mountain Resort, as a board member of the Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Association and as an active community volunteer. I also know him to be a true public servant and Garfield County Commissioner.
Tom is thorough, fair and totally committed to the economic well being of our county and its citizens. After Obamacare, Tom discovered Garfield County had the highest health insurance premiums in the nation. So he went to work to make sure we were removed from the “resort region” designation to lower premiums for everyone. He is still passionate about this issue and is working hard to provide solutions for affordable health care premiums for the middle class.
As a third generation Coloradoan, Tom appreciates the natural beauty and geography of the county. He has earned awards for regional partnerships and championing clean energy initiatives. His broad business background was put the test when he was the commissioner put in charge of budgeting. His work helped make our county debt-free and rich in financial reserves – all this despite an economic recession that affected so many governments who were not as conscientious.
Please join me in re-electing Tom Jankovsky. He’s fair. He’s honest. He listens to constituents and embraces diversity. He serves us well, and we need him to make sure that the county continues to thrive in the years ahead.
Raelyn Westley
New Castle

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