Wurst way to go

I was incredibly saddened to see the abrupt closing of WineTime this fall. The former owners and employees had built a truly unique retail experience. 

Apart from the quality selection of beverages, the German deli and authentic staff recommendations provided something special to Carbondale. 

The owners gave an emotional farewell to the community via email in June, assuring customers that the new owner would be keeping the store and staff the same. In an apparent change of heart, the new owner closed the store. This is a loss for the community.

If the new owner has another local business, I would recommend offering bratwurst, Ritter Sport, and Mozartkugel at checkout for a boost in sales. 

Nick Pinto


Your attention, please

Did you know Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) 2021 statistics show 619 fatalities for Colorado? 

Consequently, CDOT electronic signs along I-70 currently are posting the message: Speed Kills, Slow Down.  CDOT, Colorado State Patrol, businesses and families everywhere want us home at the end of the day. 

Take A Minute/Slow Down in Town wants the same thing in our communities, where encounters between motorists and pedestrians are the most deadly for pedestrians.

Take a minute, think about it… invest and protect our communities. Let our actions speak louder than words. Slow down in town.

Diane Reynolds

Glenwood Springs

Glenwood woes

The building to sell pot (Kind Castle) is being built near the same corner where kids from Glenwood Green Apartments wait for the school bus. 

I considered calling OSHA because they have been operating heavy equipment so close to the sidewalk that it is no longer safe. The back hoe had dirt flying into the air. I could barely walk my dog. There is now a six-foot ditch dug just one foot from the corner of the sidewalk where about a dozen kids wait for the bus.

A fence needs to be erected on that side. The school buses also need to be rerouted so they can safely pick up the kids nearer the complex. They’ll need to drive up the street that is curved and only has sidewalk on one side.

A sidewalk should be built on the other side of the street, so people who have to walk, like older people without cars, can be safe. We also need a stoplight installed and street lights,

Please see what can be done to make our children and elderly safe.

I find it interesting also that the pot shop is being built by the same person who built half of Glenwood Green Apartments’ affordable units, and then sold the remaining land for a profit to the developer who built the lofts that are very high-end.

He said he had trouble working with the city, so didn’t develop further. However, he was able to work with the city to get this pot shop.The west end of Glenwood is really going to the dogs.

Nancy Bernard

Glenwood Springs